पॉलीकैब ने इलेक्ट्रीशियन वार्षिक पुरस्कार समारोह में प्रदान किए इलेक्ट्रिक कार, प्रीमियम बाइक

भारत की अग्रणी इलेक्ट्रिकल सामान कंपनी पॉलीकैब इंडिया लिमिटेड (पीआईएल) ने इलेक्ट्रीशियन कम्युनिटी को मान्यता देने के लिए एक कदम आगे बढ़ाया है। कंपनी ने हाल ही इलेक्ट्रीशियन के लिए अपनी तरह के पहले वार्षिक पुरस्कार समारोह का आयोजन किया। यह कार्यक्रम 18 जनवरी, 2023 को मुंबई में आयोजित किया गया था।

पॉलीकैब ने पूरे भारत से ऐसे विजेताओं का चयन किया, जिन्होंने ब्रांड के प्रति अत्यधिक निष्ठा दिखाई है। कंपनी ने इलेक्ट्रिशियन के लिए तीन कैटेगरी बनाई- ऑल इंडिया एनुअल टॉपर्स, दोनों सेगमेंट में रीजनल टॉपर्स और संबंधित स्टेट टॉपर्स। विजेताओं को इलेक्ट्रिक कार, लक्ज़री बाइक और विदेश यात्रा जैसे पुरस्कारों से सम्मानित किया गया।

पॉलीकैब एक्सपर्ट्स इलेक्ट्रीशियन प्रोग्राम की करीबी प्रतियोगिता में मुंबई, महाराष्ट्र के किशन गुप्ता को इलेक्ट्रिक कार का अखिल भारतीय विजेता घोषित किया गया। नरेंद्र गुप्ता वेस्ट और सेंट्रल से रीजनल टॉपर रहे, जिन्होंने लग्जरी बाइक जीती।

पुरस्कार समारोह पॉलीकैब के वार्षिक लॉयल्टी प्रोग्राम – ‘पॉलीकैब एक्सपर्ट्स’ का हिस्सा है, जो इलेक्ट्रीशियन को उनके उत्कृष्ट प्रदर्शन के लिए मान्यता देता है। इस आयोजन के साथ, कंपनी को इलेक्ट्रीशियन के प्रयासों को उजागर करने के लिए एक प्रभावी प्लेटफॉर्म स्थापित करने की उम्मीद है।

पुरस्कार समारोह के बारे में विस्तार से जानकारी देते हुए, पॉलीकैब इंडिया लिमिटेड के प्रेसीडेंट और चीफ मार्केटिंग ऑफिसर नीलेश मलानी ने कहा, ‘‘पॉलीकैब में हम अपनी वैल्यू चेन में मानवीय मूल्यों को बढ़ावा देने पर ध्यान केंद्रित करते हैं। पॉलीकैब एक्सपर्ट्स एनुअल रिवार्ड्स पूरे भारत में हमारे इलेक्ट्रीशियन की सराहना करने और उन्हें प्रोत्साहित करने का एक अनूठा प्लेटफॉर्म है। कार्यक्रम का उद्देश्य इलेक्ट्रीशियन के जीवन को बदलना और उन्हें और अधिक पेशेवर बनाकर उनके जीवन में सकारात्मक बदलाव लाना है।’’

————छायाकार : रमाकांत मुंडे मुंबई

पॉलीकैब ने इलेक्ट्रीशियन वार्षिक पुरस्कार समारोह में प्रदान किए इलेक्ट्रिक कार, प्रीमियम बाइक

Sunrise Production And Sunrise Trade Solutions Plans To Produce Regional And Religious Films Besides Social Feature Films

Who says in the sky Can’t be a hole Throw a stone with your health, friends…!  Sunrise Production, is moving forward in the direction of realizing this proverb, united with its entire team, Mr. Chandrashekhar Bora, Govind Yadav and Rajesh Mandapalli and Komal Alhat, executive producer, is supporting them with full dedication. Recently ‘Crystal Plaza’ at New Link Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai

Sunrise Production and Sunrise Trade Solutions office inaugurated by Deepak Rajwade, Maharashtra Police Officer Senior Bollywood PRO Puneet Khare, Actress Model Shilpi Chugh, Poonam Lubna, Shalini Singh, Madhu Manda, Actors Ravi Shankar, Nishant, Karthik Vyas , Jitendra Jha and Yogendra Srivastava in the presence of many eminent personalities from Bollywood.

Dynamic banner with the aim of bringing to light the budding talents working in various fields related to the film genre. Sunrise Production’s proposed production plans include short films, web series, music videos, reality shows, comedy shows, regional and religious films besides social feature films.


Sunrise Production And Sunrise Trade Solutions Plans To Produce Regional And Religious Films Besides Social Feature Films

STORYDEK India’s First Family-Friendly OTT Platform Launched By Anand And Pallavi Gupta

Exciting family days are here! India now has its first family-friendly OTT platform in the name of Storydek. At a gala event held in Mumbai, Storydek was launched amidst the presence of noted stars of the film and entertainment industry. The channel was unveiled and the exclusive content went live on the platform at the event. Storydek is owned by Anand & Pallavi Gupta.

Actors Rahul Mahajan, Samiksha Bhatnagar, Gulshan Pandey, Shagufta, Gurleen Chopra, Sahila Chaddha, & among others attended the illustrious launch event.

The launch campaign #SabkaOTT is given to emphasise the fact that the entire content going live on the platform can be viewed with the entire family and from the comfort of their homes. The content will be suitable for all ages and free from any vulgar, sexual or gory material.

The Storydek has announced a Talk show with Rahul Mahajan, he said, “I am very happy to be associated with Storydek. I urge people to consume good and clean content.”

Dharavi Bank actress Samiksha Batnagar said, “Storydek USP is complete family entertainment. I got an opportunity to work with accomplished actors and the team knows its job really well.”

The others original projects Avaruddh,, Black Justice, Hayat, Rajwaado, Mera Baap Kaun Hai, Night Driver, Manglik, Shery, Ghar Ghar Chala Rasgullelal, Talent Hunt 2023, 3 Couples, Short Film Festival, Julia, Ek Shaam aap ke naam, Jafar, Butterfiles, Bhagwaan Shaitaan chale chutti par were announced at the event while more than 50 Indian movies were made available on the dashboard. Trailer of the upcoming projects were also played at the launch event. The content is available in Hindi and will be dubbed in other regional languages in future. More content in other regional languages will also be available in days to come.

“Storydek makes such content wherein family and individuals can sit anywhere and enjoy films, web series and much more. Popularity and demand in youth have led to increasing viewership of digital platforms. There was a dearth of family-friendly OTT platforms,” said Anand & Pallavi Gupta, founder, Storydek.

Seconding the opinion, Business Head, Haresh Togani, Channel Head of Storydek, said, “While we don’t intend to compete with others, we shall give the audience a wide variety of prime and classic content at affordable price.”

The platform aims at providing its audience with unique and high-quality content that can be entertaining for the audiences across. The platform comes with a user-friendly app that will run on a subscription model. The platform will offer a wide array of films, short films and documentaries to the audience. In an endeavour to extend exciting entertainment offerings, Storydek one of India’s leading OTT platforms.


STORYDEK  India’s First Family-Friendly OTT Platform  Launched By Anand And Pallavi Gupta

Grand Opening Of WHITE FOREST – Mumbai’s New Enchanting Premium Lounge For Party – Music – Dance And Fun

A new happening hot-spot was launched in Andheri East, WHITE FOREST that witnessed the presence of esteemed Bollywood celebrities like Dilip Sen, Rushad Rana, Eshan Masih, Salim Zaidi and Ali Khan among many illustrous celebrities present at the grand launch of Rakesh Pandey’s Premium Lounge in Andheri East

Mumbai is famous for it’s night life and now here is a new destination for party, music, dance and fun. WHITE FOREST, the  Premium Lounge had it’s grand inauguration on the evening of 7th December 2022.

The celebrity guests from Bollywood were highly impressed with its ambience and they congratulated Rakesh Pandey, the owner of this Premium Lounge, for this new beginning, while Pandey expressed his gratitude to all the guests who attended this event, in fact each of them had a gala fun-filled evening amid the hospitality. Among the celebrity guests who graced this event included music composers Dilip Sen, Salim Zaidi (Tillu), Gufu the Rider, SRK, Rushad Rana, Ali Khan, Aamir Arab, Eshan Masih, Javed Idrisi, Dj Raj and there were several influencers and social media stars.

While addressing the media present on the occasion, White Forest’s owner Rakesh Pandey announced, “I am very happy and excited that such illustrious guests attended the launch of our Premium Lounge. We were blessed by Bollywood veteran music composer Dilip Sen, who took out his precious time to come here and for that I am grateful to him.”

Rakesh Pandey is well entrenched in construction business and he plans to launch several more such exclusive night clubs in the near future. As unique it’s name, the atmosphere of devouring, having a gratifying drink and having fun here is equally full of energy at White Forest. “Here people can come and enjoy under the open roof. The food is exquisite, the atmosphere here is very positive and people can have their exclusive cocktail parties, birthday parties, corporate events etc here. It remains open till 1:30 in the night,” informed Pandey.

Composer Dilip Sen expressed his wishes to the owner Rakesh Pandey and he noted that WHITE FOREST the hottest new Mumbai’s Premium Lounge’s location in Andheri East was a perfect gift for party goers. “The moment I entered here, I started getting positive vibes. Whether it is the dance floor here or the fun of partying at the beautiful place right under the open sky, everything is amazing and spectacular. A most significant aspect of White Forest is that the atmosphere here is such that people can come and have an outing even with their family,” were the words of praise from Dilip Sen.

Fame Media is handling the Public Relations and promotion of WHITE FOREST, the new destination hot-spot Premium Lounge in Andheri West.


Grand Opening Of WHITE FOREST – Mumbai’s New Enchanting Premium Lounge For Party – Music – Dance And Fun

लॅन्डमार्क फिल्म्स ने बिज़नेस हेड के तौर पर अनिरुद्ध नाग को किया नियुक्त

विधि कासलीवाल के नेतृत्व में लॅन्डमार्क फिल्म्स ने गुणवत्तापूर्ण सिनेमा के निर्माण के क्षेत्र में अपनी एक अद्भुत पहचान कायम की है। प्रोडक्शन कंपनी द्वारा निर्मित उल्लेखनीय फ़िल्मों में तीन भाषाओं में बनी शॉर्ट डॉक्यूमेंट्री फ़िल्म साथी हाथ बढ़ाना [2013], कॉर्पोरेट फ़िल्म बिल्डिंग फॉर द फ्यूचर [2013], मराठी फ़ीचर फ़िल्म सांगतो ऐका…! [2014], 22-प्रसंगों की वेब सीरीज़ मेमोयार्स ऑफ़ प्रेम रतन धन पायो [2015], मराठी फ़ीचर फ़िल्म‌ वजनदार [2016], राष्ट्रीय पुरस्कार विजेता‌ मराठी फ़ीचर फ़िल्म रिंगण [2017], डॉक्यूमेंट्री फ़िल्म दाट्स व्हाट इट्स ऑल अबाउट [2017], मराठी फ़ीचर फ़िल्म गच्ची [2017], राज्य सरकार द्वारा पुरस्कृत मराठी फ़िल्म रेडू [2018], अंतर्राष्ट्रीय स्तर पर सराही गयी मराठी फ़ीचर फ़िल्म पिप्सी [2018], जीवनी वृत्तचित्र विद्योदय [2018], राज्य पुरस्कार विजेता मराठी फ़ीचर फ़िल्म नशीबवान [2019] और हाल ही में रिलीज़ हुई मल्टी-स्टारर मराठी फ़िल्म मीडियम स्पाइसी [2022], जैसी कृतियों का समावेश है।

इस संस्था द्वारा निर्मित कुछ डॉक्यूमेंट्री फ़िल्में पुरस्कृत हैं, व कई शॉर्ट फ़िल्मों और मराठी फ़िल्मों को काफ़ी वाहवाही मिली है। कंपनी जल्द ही हिंदी फ़ीचर फ़िल्म और वेब सीरीज़ की दुनिया में भी क़दम रखने जा रही है। लॅन्डमार्क फिल्म्स अपने कंटेट की कलात्मकता और रचनात्मकता के लिए जाना जाता है। प्रशंसनीय है कि इस वक्त उनकी विभिन्न फ़िल्म परियोजनाओं के लिए हिंदी और मराठी की ढेरों अनुभवी प्रतिभाएं काम कर रही हैं। लॅन्डमार्क फिल्म्स लोगों की ज़िंदगी में आशा जगानेवाली फ़िल्मों के निर्माण, उम्दा किस्म की फ़िल्ममेकिंग और आला दर्जे की सर्जनशीलता के लक्ष्य को हासिल करने की दिशा में ज़ोर-शोर से कार्यरत है।

ऐसे में लॅन्डमार्क फिल्म्स ने मनोरंजन की दुनिया में दो दशक से भी अधिक का अनुभव रखनेवाले अनिरुद्ध नाग को अपनी युवा प्रोडक्शन हाउस में बतौर बिज़नेस हेड शामिल करने का फ़ैसला किया है। कंपनी फ़िलहाल सभी फॉर्मेट में निर्माण के लक्ष्य से कार्य कर रही है, ऐसे में अनिरुद्ध नाग की भूमिका होगी प्रोजेक्ट से जुड़ी आर्थिक चर्चाओं का संचालन, मार्केटिंग और व्यापारिक समझौतों पर ध्यान केंद्रित करना, आदि। इन सबके अलावा वे इस बूटीक कंटेट हाउस के लिए व्यवसाय और विकास संबंधी अवसर भी तलाशने के कार्यों में संलग्न होंगे।

अनिरुद्ध नाग की ख़ासियत है कि वे स्वभाव से सर्जनशील तो हैं ही, साथ ही मनोरंजन जगत को लेकर उनकी उद्योगी समझ भी काफ़ी गहरी है। वे कंटेट निर्माण के साथ-साथ दर्शकों की बदलती हुई पसंद की भी ख़ासी समझ रखते हैं। फिर चाहे बात ऐड फ़िल्म्स की हो, शॉर्ट फ़िल्मों की हो, वेब सीरीज़ की हो, फ़ीचर फ़िल्मों की हो या ऐनिमेशन फ़िल्मों की; मनोरंजन की दुनिया में उनकी समझ का कोई सानी नहीं है।

फिल्मों के लिए मार्केट रिसर्च करना, प्रोजेक्ट बनाने की संभावना का आकलन करना, फ़िल्म मार्केटिंग अभियान को लीड करना ,पैन इंडिया लेवल पर और ओवरसीज में फ़िल्में रिलीज करवाना – जैसे महत्वपूर्ण कार्य अनिरूद्ध नाग बड़ी सुगमता से साकार सकते हैं। इस सबके अलावा उन्होंने हाल में लेखन, निर्देशन और निर्माण में भी अपना हाथ आज़माया है। इससे पहले वे यूटीवी मोशन पिक्चर्स, फॉक्स स्टार स्टूडियोज़ और बी4यू इंटरनेशनल जैसे बड़े स्टूडियोज़ में वरिष्ठ पदों पर काम कर चुके हैं और उस दौरान 80 से अधिक फिल्मों को संभाल चुके हैं – जिसमें जॉली एलएलबी, नो वन किल्ड जेसिका, डेल्ही बेली, राज़ 3, जन्नत 2, बोल बच्चन, पान सिंह तोमर, देव डी, कमीने, बैंग बैंग, ए वेडनसडे जैसी कई बड़ी फ़िल्मों का शुमार रहा है।

लॅन्डमार्क फिल्म्स की संस्थापक और सीईओ विधि कासलीवाल ने अनुरुद्ध नाग का तहे दिल से स्वागत करते हुए कहा, “हमारी कोर टीम में अनुरुद्ध के जुड़ने के साथ अब हम सामरिक व सार्थक तौर पर एंटरटेनमेंट सेक्टर में विस्तार की कोशिशों में जुट गये हैं और अपने कंटेट के ज़रिए हम सुनहरे और उत्साहवर्धक भविष्य की ओर देख रहे हैं।”

लॅन्डमार्क फिल्म्स के नये बिज़नेस हेड अनिरुद्ध नाग उत्साहित हो कहते हैं, “हमेशा से मेरी यही कोशिश रही है कि संतुलित परिवेश में कलात्मक कार्य को अंजाम दूं और बड़े कॉर्पोरेट विज़न में यही बात मेरे लिए बड़ी प्रेरणादायक साबित होती रही है। ऐसे में मुझे यह बताते हुए बेहद ख़ुशी हो रही है कि अब लॅन्डमार्क फिल्म्स मेरा नया घर बन गया है। पिछले कुछ सालों में इस प्रोडक्शन हाउस ने बेजोड़ फ़िल्मों की‌ एक बड़ी लाइब्रेरी तैयार कर ली है। ऐसे में विश्वसनीय और उम्मीद जगाने वाले कंटेट के साथ कंपनी अपने रचनात्मक विस्तार के लिए तैयार है। साझा रूप से हम ना सिर्फ़ कमर्श्यली फ़ायदेमंद फ़िल्में बनाना चाहेंगे, बल्कि हमारी कोशिश रहेगी कि हम अपनी फ़िल्मों के ज़रिए लोगों के चेहरे पर मुस्कुराहट भी ला सकें।”

लॅन्डमार्क फिल्म्स ने बिज़नेस हेड के तौर पर अनिरुद्ध नाग को किया नियुक्त

POLO ENTERPRISES Showroom At Bhiwandi Buy Branded Shoes – Luggage Bags – Ladies Handbags And Footwear

“Polo Enterprises” wholesalers for branded Shoes, Luggage, Ladies Handbags and Ladies footwear. It deals with  brands like ALDO, Call-It-Spring, VIP, SKYBAGS, ARISTOCRAT, CARLTON , DELSEY, LEE COOPER, NIKE, WOODLAND, ABROS, CAMPUS, PIERRE-CARDIN.

“Polo Enterprises” is 25 years old organization which was started by Shri Shilanand Jha. Today, the organisation is run by his elder daughter-in-law Archana Amit Jha and younger son Sumit Jha.

“Polo Enterprises” has 2 showrooms and warehouses in Bhiwandi.

Contact: Megdhara-B, Shop no.21 and 22,Anjurphata near bhiwandi railway station road. Bhiwandi



POLO ENTERPRISES Showroom At Bhiwandi  Buy Branded Shoes – Luggage Bags – Ladies Handbags And Footwear

मोनेटस ग्लोबल ने हाल ही में पुणे में पैन इंडिया बिजिनेस कांफ्रेंस ऑर्गनाइस किया

लॉक डाउन ने जहा परिवार एक साथ रहने खाने के साथ गेम खेलना भी सिखाया | जो अब तक बस्तूर जारी है, उस पर भी लूडो गेम हो तो फिर क्या कहना, और खेलते खेलते इनकम भी हो तो कौन नहीं चाहेंगे,ऐसा ही नज़र आया पुणे के आर्किड होटल में जहा मोनेटस क्रिप्टो करेंसी कंपनी द्वारा लूडो गेम खेलते  खेलते आप पैसे कमा सकते हैं |

आपको बता दे की मोनेटस ग्लोबल ने हाल ही में पुणे में इवेंट ऑर्गनाइस किया गया जिसका नाम था पैन इंडिया बिजिनेस कांफ्रेंस, जिसमे भारी मात्रा में लोग  पहुंचे थे, इस प्रोग्राम में मोनेटस ग्लोबल के पुरे प्रोजेक्ट के बारे में डिस्कशन हुआ, इसके अलावा आपको बता दे की इवेंट मोनेटस ग्लोबल के सीईओ मयूर श्रीवास्तव भी उपस्थित थे उन्होंने लूडो गेम के गेम के बारे में जानकारी दी एवं एमएनटीजी टोकन प्रोबीट एक्सचेंज में लिस्ट होने वाले है इसकी भी जानकारी दी, मोनेटस ग्लोबल के इस कार्यक्रम में न केवल पुणे से बल्कि पुरे भारत देश से लॉन्ग आये हुए थे |

इस प्रोग्राम में एमएनटीजी होल्डर्स ने अपने एक्सपेरेन्स भी शेयर किये, जो काफी प्रभावी रहे, एमएनटीजी होल्डर में जिन्होंने अच्छा कार्य किया उन्हें मोनेटस ग्लोबल की और से गिफ्ट और अवार्ड दिए गए,

15 ऑगस्ट 2022 में कंपनी ने फार्मिंग प्रोजेक्ट की स्थापना की जिसके सीइओ मयूर श्रीवास्तव , फाउंडर मेंबर रमेशकुमार चव्हाण, जगदीश ठाकरे, सुयोग मेंगड़े, प्रकाश राठोड , विशाल पवार, आनंद जगताप और दिपक मेंगड़े ने अपने अपने एक्सपेरिंस शेयर किये और मोनेटस ग्लोबल के उपलब्धियों के बारे में बताया


मोनेटस ग्लोबल ने हाल ही में पुणे में पैन इंडिया बिजिनेस कांफ्रेंस ऑर्गनाइस किया

अभिनेत्री राधिका और खुशबू ने चेन्नई में साई सिल्क्स कलामंदिर के 50वें स्टोर का उद्घाटन किया

तमिलनाडु में तीसरे ‘वरमहालक्ष्मी’ प्रारूप स्टोर का उद्घाटन प्रसिद्ध अभिनेत्रियों राधिका सरथकुमार और खुशबू सुंदर ने किया
स्टोर में बनारसी, पटोला, कोटा, कांचीपुरम, पैठानी, ऑर्गेंज़ा और कुप्पदम जैसी विभिन्न साड़ियों सहित प्रीमियम उत्पाद की पेशकश है।
चेन्नई, ७ अक्टूबर, २०२२ साई सिल्क्स (कलामंदिर) लिमिटेड (साई सिल्क्स या एसएसकेएल), दक्षिण भारत में जातीय परिधान, विशेष रूप से साड़ियों के प्रमुख खुदरा विक्रेताओं में से एक है, जो कि वित्तीय २०१९, २०२० और २०२१ में कर के बाद राजस्व और लाभ के मामले में है। (टेक्नोपैक की एक रिपोर्ट के अनुसार) ने चेन्नई, तमिलनाडु में अपना ऐतिहासिक ५०वां स्टोर खोला। नया एसएसकेएल स्टोर, जो ‘वरमहालक्ष्मी सिल्क्स’ ब्रांड नाम के तहत संचालित होता है, दो मंजिलों में ४००० वर्ग फुट से अधिक के क्षेत्र में फैला हुआ है और तीसरी मेन रोड, अन्ना नगर, चेन्नई में स्थित है।
नया वरमहालक्ष्मी स्टोर तमिलनाडु में तीसरा ऐसा स्टोर है – अन्य दो मायलापुर, चेन्नई और गांधी रोड, कांचीपुरम में स्थित हैं। इसमें बनारसी, पटोला, कोटा, कांचीपुरम, पैठानी, ऑर्गेंज़ा, कुप्पदम आदि जैसी कई साड़ियों सहित प्रीमियम उत्पाद की पेशकश है, जिसमें कांचीपुरम रेशम साड़ियों जैसे हथकरघा पर प्रमुख ध्यान दिया गया है। एसएसकेएल के स्टोर विभिन्न प्रकार के उत्पादों की पेशकश करके भारत की जीवंत संस्कृति, परंपराओं और विरासत को फैलाने पर केंद्रित हैं, जिसमें विभिन्न प्रकार के अल्ट्रा-प्रीमियम और प्रीमियम साड़ी और एथनिक वियर शामिल हैं, जिनमें मूल्य फैशन उत्पाद शामिल हैं। प्रीमियम एथनिक सिल्क साड़ियां और हथकरघा लक्ष्य, अन्य बातों के साथ, शादी और कभी-कभार पहनने के लिए। वरमहालक्ष्मी साड़ियों की खुदरा बिक्री लगभग रु ४००० से रु २५०,०००.
श्री नागकनका दुर्गा प्रसाद चलवाडी, प्रबंध निदेशक, साई सिल्क्स (कलामंदिर) ने कहा, “तमिलनाडु हमेशा हमारे लिए एक महत्वपूर्ण बाजार रहा है। हमें खुशी है कि राज्य में हमारा तीसरा स्टोर साई सिल्क्स के साथ पूरे भारत में ५० स्टोर का एक बड़ा मील का पत्थर पार कर रहा है। वरमहालक्ष्मी फॉर्मेट स्टोर प्रीमियम सिल्क साड़ियों और कांचीपुरम साड़ियों की हमारी पूरी रेंज पेश करता है। नया स्टोर, जो रणनीतिक रूप से एक प्रमुख क्षेत्र में स्थित है, हमारे क्लस्टर-आधारित दृष्टिकोण का हिस्सा है।”
श्री चलवाडी ने कहा, “हमारा मानना है कि हमारे वरमहालक्ष्मी स्टोर एक अनूठा अनुभव और ग्राहक सेवा प्रदान करते हैं, जो हमारी इन्वेंट्री और हमारे द्वारा प्रदान किए जाने वाले एसकेयू की विविधता के साथ मिलकर हमें बढ़ते ग्राहक आधार को आकर्षित करने और बनाए रखने में सक्षम बनाता है। यहां से, हम पूरे दक्षिण भारत में २५ अतिरिक्त स्टोर खोलने का इरादा रखते हैं और अगले दो वित्तीय वर्षों के दौरान इनकी योजना बनाई गई है।
वरमहालक्ष्मी खुदरा ब्रांड प्रारूप २०११ में चिकपेट, बेंगलुरु में पहले स्टोर के उद्घाटन के साथ स्थापित किया गया था, और ३१ मई, २०२२ तक बेंगलुरु, हैदराबाद, चेन्नई, विजयवाड़ा, नेल्लोर आदि शहरों में इसे और बढ़ाया गया है।
वरमहालक्ष्मी स्टोर अधिक पारंपरिक रूप से सजाए गए हैं और कांचीपुरम संस्कृति में ब्रांड की जड़ों को दर्शाते हैं। इसकी कल्पना एक ऐसे ब्रांड के रूप में की गई थी जो हथकरघा साड़ी व्यवसाय को फिर से शुरू करेगा और कांचीपुरम रेशम की साड़ियों और अन्य हथकरघा और अवसर-पहनने वाली साड़ियों को एक ही छत के नीचे पेश करेगा।
साई सिल्क्स के पास कलामंदिर, वरमहालक्ष्मी सिल्क्स, मंदिर और केएलएम फैशन मॉल सहित चार स्टोर प्रारूप हैं, जो बाजार के विभिन्न क्षेत्रों में उत्पादों की पेशकश करते हैं, जिसमें प्रीमियम एथनिक फैशन, मध्यम आय और मूल्य-फैशन के लिए विभिन्न प्रकार के उत्पादों के साथ विभिन्न प्रकार के उत्पाद शामिल हैं। मूल्य बिंदु, जिससे सभी बाजार क्षेत्रों में ग्राहकों की पूर्ति होती है।
साई सिल्क्स (कलामंदिर) लिमिटेड के बारे में
साई सिल्क्स (कलामंदिर) लिमिटेड वित्तीय वर्ष २०१९, २०२० और २०२१ में राजस्व और कर पश्चात लाभ के मामले में दक्षिण भारत में जातीय परिधान, विशेष रूप से साड़ियों के सबसे बड़े खुदरा विक्रेताओं में से एक है। (स्रोत: टेक्नोपैक रिपोर्ट)। साई सिल्क चार स्टोर प्रारूपों का संचालन करता है, अर्थात, कलामंदिर, वरमहालक्ष्मी सिल्क्स, मंदिर और केएलएम फैशन मॉल। फर्म बाजार के विभिन्न क्षेत्रों में उत्पाद भी पेश करती है जिसमें प्रीमियम एथनिक फैशन, मध्यम आय के लिए एथनिक फैशन और वैल्यू-फैशन शामिल हैं। साई सिल्क कलामंदिर की स्थापना पहली पीढ़ी के उद्यमी नागकानाका दुर्गा प्रसाद चलवाडी के प्रबंध निदेशक ने की थी, जिन्होंने २००५ में हैदराबाद, तेलंगाना में ३२१३ वर्ग फुट के आकार के साथ पहला ‘कलामंदिर’ स्टोर स्थापित किया था। तब से फर्म ने चार दक्षिण भारतीय राज्यों, यानी आंध्र प्रदेश, तेलंगाना, कर्नाटक और तमिलनाडु में ५० स्टोर तक विस्तार किया है।  एसएसकेएम बढ़ते हुए ग्राहक आधार को आकर्षित करता है और बनाए रखता है, जो ३१ मई, २०२२ तक भारत में ५० लाख से अधिक ग्राहकों को पार कर गया।
एसएसकेएम विविध प्रकार के उत्पादों की पेशकश करके भारत की जीवंत संस्कृति, परंपराओं और विरासत को फैलाने पर ध्यान केंद्रित करता है जिसमें शादियों, पार्टी में पहनने के साथ-साथ सामयिक और दैनिक पहनने के लिए उपयुक्त विभिन्न प्रकार के अल्ट्रा-प्रीमियम और प्रीमियम साड़ी शामिल हैं; लहंगे, पुरुषों के एथनिक वियर, बच्चों के एथनिक वियर और वैल्यू फैशन प्रोडक्ट्स जिसमें फ्यूज़न वियर और महिलाओं, पुरुषों और बच्चों के लिए वेस्टर्न वियर शामिल हैं।
साई सिल्क्स ने ऑनलाइन ई-कॉमर्स मार्केटप्लेस में अपनी उपस्थिति का विस्तार किया है और अपनी ऑनलाइन वेबसाइट www.kalamandir.comwww.brandmandir.comwww.kanchivml.com और www.klmfashionmall.com के माध्यम से अपने उत्पादों की बिक्री शुरू कर दी है।अन्य तृतीय-पक्ष ऑनलाइन ई-कॉमर्स वेबसाइटों के माध्यम से होगा जो ऑनलाइन और ऑफलाइन चैनलों के माध्यम से ग्राहकों को एक ओमनी-चैनल नेटवर्क प्रदान करता है।

अभिनेत्री राधिका और खुशबू ने चेन्नई में साई सिल्क्स कलामंदिर के 50वें स्टोर का उद्घाटन किया

BUZZFLIX India’s First Family-Friendly OTT Platform To Launch In Mumbai On September 28

Mumbai, September 27, 2022 – Exciting family days are here! India is set to get its first family-friendly OTT platform in the name of Buzzflix, which is set to launch on Wednesday at a gala event in Mumbai in the presence of noted stars of the Indian film and entertainment industry. The channel will be unveiled and the first content to go live exclusively on the platform will be revealed at the launch event.

Launching under the campaign #SabkaOTT, the platform will have exclusive content featuring projects that can be viewed along with the entire family from the comfort of one’s home. The content will be suitable for all ages and free from any vulgar, sexual or gory material.

Three original projects will be launched at the event along with more than 100 Indian movies being available on the dashboard. Upcoming projects on the platform will also be announced at the event.

With stars and genuine talents such as Mahesh Thakur, Mauli Ganguli, Kanwarjit Singh Paintal, Vijay Patkar, Sada Yadav, Sweta Mehata, Vijay Badlani, Manmeet Kaur, and Rajesh Puri among others, the platform will get a kickstart.

“Buzzflix makes such content wherein family and individuals can sit anywhere and enjoy films, web series and much more. Popularity and demand in youth have led to increasing viewership of digital platforms. But there was a dearth of family-friendly OTT platforms. While we don’t intend to compete with others, we shall give the audience a wide variety of prime and classic content,” said Sameer Shenoy, Co-founder, Buzzflix. Rakesh Thakur, the co-founder of Buzzflix, seconded the opinion while Pravarsen Yesambare, CEO of the platform, further emphasised the quality of the content.

Buzzflix aims to positively cover target audiences nationally, especially in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities wherein people generally prefer and consume family content. The content is available in Hindi and will be dubbed in other regional languages. More content in other regional languages will also be available in days to come.

BUZZFLIX  India’s First Family-Friendly OTT Platform  To Launch In Mumbai On September 28

भारत के लिए गौरवशाली पल – इमेजिन मार्केटिंग (बोट की जनक कंपनी) पिछली 7 तिमाहियों से लगातार टॉप 5 ग्लोबल वियरेबल कंपनियों में शामिल

  • टॉप 5 ग्लोबल वियरेबल कंपनियों में, इमेजिन मार्केटिंग वित्त वर्ष’22 की दूसरी तिमाही में +76.6% की धनात्मक वर्ष-दर-वर वृद्धि के साथ सबसे तेज़ी से बढ़ने वाली कंपनी है
    • इमेजिन मार्केटिंग ने जुलाई-22 में 31% बाजार हिस्सेदारी के साथ भारतीय वियरेबल्स बाजार में भी अपनी नेतृत्वकारी स्थिति को मजबूत किया हैराष्ट्रीय, 22 सितंबर, 2022
    अग्रणी बाजार शोध और परामर्शदाता संस्था, इंटरनेशनल डेटा कॉरपोरेशन (आईडीसी) वर्ल्डवाइड क्वार्टरली वियरेबल डिवाइस ट्रैकर Q2CY2022 के अनुसार, बोट की जनक कंपनी – इमेजिन मार्केटिंग दुनिया में 5वें स्थान पर है। इसके अलावा, आईडीसी इंडिया मंथली वियरेबल डिवाइस ट्रैकर, अगस्त 2022 के अनुसार, इमेजिन मार्केटिंग ने लगातार तीसरे वर्ष (कैलेंडर वर्ष 20, 21, 22 ईयर टू डेट) भारत में समग्र वियरेबल्स श्रेणी में अपनी प्रमुख स्थिति बरकरार रखी है। ब्रांड के पास अच्छी तरह से डिजाइन किए गए, स्वदेशी एवं विशिष्ट जीवनशैली-उन्मुखी एवं आकर्षक कीमतों पर उपलब्ध उत्पादों का विस्तृत पोर्टफोलियो है।इमेजिन मार्केटिंग जुलाई 2022 में 40% से अधिक बाजार हिस्सेदारी के साथ टीडब्ल्यूएस श्रेणी में अग्रणी है। यह अभूतपूर्व वृद्धि उपलब्धता, किफायतीपन, बेहतर सुविधाओं और कार्यात्मकताओं जैसे एएनसी, नई डिजाइनों और गेमिंग के लिए निम्न-लैटेंसी मोड के बल पर हासिल हुई है। इमेजिन मार्केटिंग के लिए वॉच-आधारित वियरेबल्स भी सबसे तेजी से बढ़ने वाली श्रेणी है, जिसमें पिछले वर्ष की तुलना में> 145% की वृद्धि (वर्ष 2021 की पहली छमाही बनाम वर्ष 2022 की पहली छमाही) मजबूत वृद्धि हुई है। किफायती होने के अलावा, ब्लूटूथ कॉलिंग, बड़े स्क्रीन आकार और एमोलेड डिस्प्ले जैसे फीचर्स प्रथम उपयोगकर्ताओं और अपग्रेडर्स दोनों को आकर्षित कर रहे हैं।
    इमेजिन मार्केटिंग (बोट की जनक कंपनी) त्योहारी बिक्री के मौसम को लेकर उत्साहित है और इसे अपने विस्तृत उत्पाद पोर्टफोलियो की मांग बढ़ने की उम्मीद है जो सकारात्मक उपभोक्ता भावना, किफायतीपन और इसके उपकरणों के बेहतर फीचर्स पर आधारित है। इसके अलावा, त्योहारी अवधि के दौरान, लोग उपहार देने के उद्देश्य से बोट स्मार्टवॉच और टीडब्ल्यूएस उपकरणों को अच्छे विकल्प के रूप में भी देख रहे हैं। जैसे-जैसे ‘मेक इन इंडिया’ का स्तर बढ़ता जा रहा है, वैसे-वैसे यह ब्रांड उत्पादों को तेजी से और कम कीमतों पर लॉन्च करने में सक्षम बन रहा है। ब्रांड ने अपनी मेक इन इंडिया रणनीति के तहत वित्त वर्ष 2013 की पहली छमाही में 6 मिलियन इकाइयों के निर्माण की योजना बनाई है।
    कंपनी की मजबूत ओमनीचैनल रणनीति है, और इसके उत्पाद अमेज़ॅन इंडिया, फ्लिपकार्ट, मिंत्रा, पेटीएम, और व अन्य सहित विभिन्न बाजार स्थलों पर उपलब्ध हैं। यह ब्रांड 20,000 से अधिक स्टोर्स में उपलब्ध है, जिसमें विजय सेल्स, क्रोमा, रिलायंस डिजिटल, और कई अन्य शामिल हैं। उपभोक्ता इसकी वेबसाइट https://www.boat-lifestyle.com/पर भी ब्रांड के व्यापक पोर्टफोलियो को देख सकते हैं।
    वैश्विक मान्यता के बारे में प्रतिक्रिया व्यक्त करते हुए, अमन गुप्ता, सह-संस्थापक और सीएमओ, बोट ने कहा, “डिजाइन, नवाचार और ग्राहकोन्मुखता हमारे व्यवसाय के लिए महत्वपूर्ण हैं। हमारे ब्रांड की सफलता का श्रेय हमारी फुर्ती, तेजी से नवाचार चक्र और हमारे बोटहेड्स के जरिए प्राप्त विचारों एवं सुझावों पर लगातार ध्यान देते हुए उन्हें अमल में लाने को दिया जा सकता है। हम वर्षों से ग्राहकों द्वारा दिए गए विश्वास और समर्थन से अभिभूत हैं। यह सभी भारतीयों के लिए गर्व का क्षण है क्योंकि यह वैश्विक स्तर पर घरेलू ब्रांडों की बढ़ती स्वीकार्यता को प्रमाणित करता है। हमारी सरकार के समर्थन से, हमारा लक्ष्य एक वैश्विक लाइफस्टाइल ब्रांड बनना होगा। बोट, मिलेनियल्स की आवश्यकताओं को समझता है और बोटहेड्स कम्युनिटी की सेवा करने के लिए हम लगातार अपना सर्वश्रेष्ठ प्रयास करते रहेंगे।”
    वित्तीय वर्ष 2022 की पहली तिमाही के बाद से, रॉकर्ज, बासहेड्स, और एयरडोप्स उत्पाद श्रेणियों के साथ-साथ एक्सेसरीज़ (केबल और पावर बैंक सहित) के भीतर कई बोट उत्पादों का निर्माण भारत में किया जा रहा है। बोट के “मेक इन इंडिया” पहल के तहत उपलब्ध मौजूदा उत्पादों में बोट बासहेड्स 100, बासहेड्स 192, बासहेड्स 225, रॉकर्ज 255 प्रो, रॉकर्ज 235v2, एयरडोप्स 131, एयरडोप्स 101, एयरडोप्स 441, पावर बैंक, चार्जिंग केबल और पावर ब्रिक्स शामिल हैं।

भारत के लिए गौरवशाली पल – इमेजिन मार्केटिंग (बोट की जनक कंपनी) पिछली 7 तिमाहियों से लगातार टॉप 5 ग्लोबल वियरेबल कंपनियों में शामिल

सेंटौर टेक्नोलॉजीज एंड रिसर्च प्रा. लि. ने की क्रिप्टो करेंसी सोलमेट कॉइन, सोलमेट एक्सचेंजर और सोलमेट ब्लॉकचैन की प्री लॉन्च प्रेस कांफ्रेंस

सेंटौर टेक्नोलॉजीज एंड रिसर्च प्रा. लिमिटेड वेंचर्स ने अपनी क्रिप्टो करेंसी “सोलमेट कॉइन” आईसीओ, सोलमेट एक्सचेंजर और सोलमेट ब्लॉकचैन को लॉन्च करने की घोषणा की। पिछले दिनों इसके प्री लांच की प्रेस कांफ्रेंस मुम्बई में आयोजित की गई, जहां कम्पनी से।जुड़ी पूरी टीम मौजूद रही।

सेंटौर टेक्नोलॉजीज एंड रिसर्च प्रा. लिमिटेड वेंचर्स ने घोषणा की कि इसकी सहायक, क्रिप्टो करेंसी “सोलमेट कॉइन” आईसीओ ने ग्राहक के केवाईसी के आधार पर “सोलमेट एक्सचेंज” नामक तत्काल क्रिप्टो मुद्रा एक्सचेंजर के लिए एक मोबाइल एप्लिकेशन विकसित किया है, जो ग्राहक के बैंक खाते और पैन से जुड़ा हुआ है।

अपनी तरह का पहला इन्नोवेटिव क्रिप्टो प्रोडक्ट ‘सोलमेट कॉइन’ सभी प्रामाणिक क्रिप्टो वॉलेट और एक्सचेंजर्स पर ट्रेड करेगा। “सोलमेट एक्सचेंजर” दिसंबर 2022 में लॉन्च होगा, यह क्रिप्टो एसेट ट्रेडिंग, क्रिप्टो डिपॉजिट, आईएनआर डिपॉजिट, क्रिप्टो निकासी, आईएनआर निकासी ई-भुगतान और ऑनलाइन कस्टमर वेरिफिकेशन जैसी सुविधाएं प्रदान करेगा।

सेंटौर टेक्नोलॉजीज एंड रिसर्च प्राइवेट लिमिटेड के निदेशक राजेश दुर्गे, गुणाजी खंडारे, रत्नेश यादव, एम्प्लाइज मार्केट विश्लेषण गोविंद यर्मे, आनंद, धीरज तिवारी, शिवा बेनबंसी, अजीत गुप्ता, बलराम मिश्रा, प्रमोटर दिनेश तांबे, राजेंद्र खानविलकर, नामदेव नवले, राजेश कोल्ते, सूरज नागवेकर, शिवाजी सार्जे, राजेश विश्वकर्मा, दिवाकर सिंह इस शुभ अवसर पर उपस्थित थे। कई अन्य मेहमानों और रिश्तेदारों ने टीम को शुभकामनाएं दीं।

सेंटौर टेक्नोलॉजीज एंड रिसर्च प्राइवेट लिमिटेड के निदेशक राजेश दुर्गे ने यहां मीडिया से बात करते हुए कहा कि हम लोग इंडस्ट्री में 16-17 साल से काम कर रहे हैं। रियल स्टेट, आईटी सेक्टर के क्षेत्रों में हमारी कम्पनी काम कर रही है। हमारी कम्पनी सेंटूर टेक्नोलॉजीज़ एंड रिसर्च प्राइवेट लिमिटेड ने सोलमेट कॉइन आईसीओ, सोलमेट एक्सचेंजर और सोलमेट ब्लॉकचैन लांच करने जा रही है। पहले लोग कैश पर काम करते थे, करेंसी से ही तमाम कारोबार होता था लेकिन पिछले कुछ वर्षों से करेंसी आदमी के पास नही है। लोग आजकल ऑनलाइन पेमेंट करते हैं पैसा आपकी जेब मे नही है। आने वाला समय टेक्नोलॉजी का है ऐसे में सोलमेट कॉइन की काफी अहमियत है। मैं नही कहता कि आप अपनी आमदनी का बड़ा हिस्सा किसी एक जगह लगाएं। आप इसके माध्यम से 200, 500, 1000 और 5000 रुपए से भी इन्वेस्टमेंट शुरू कर सकते हैं। यह भविष्य के लिए, आपके बच्चों के लिए एक बेहतरीन कारोबार होगा। कॉइन एक नई तकनीक है जो इन्वेस्टमेंट का बेहतरीन जरिया है। ट्रेडिंग करने का यह शानदार और बेहतरीन माध्यम है।

इन्वेस्टर्स “सोलमेट कॉइन” को पी2पी एक्सचेंजों पर “पीयर टू पीयर क्रिप्टो ट्रेडिंग” के माध्यम से खरीद सकते हैं, जो एस्क्रो वॉलेट द्वारा संचालित होता है जहां क्रिप्टो निवेशकों को अपना फंड भेजने की आवश्यकता होती है। यह एक्सचेंज मल्टी-क्रिप्टो करेंसी वॉलेट को सपोर्ट करता है, जिससे निवेशकों के लिए व्यापार करना आसान हो जाता है।” राजेश दुर्गे ने कहा। नीचे दिए लिंक पर क्लिक करें और अभी रजिस्टर करें – http://www.solmatecoin.io/Reg/1191663

सेंटौर टेक्नोलॉजीज एंड रिसर्च प्रा. लि. ने की क्रिप्टो करेंसी सोलमेट कॉइन, सोलमेट एक्सचेंजर और सोलमेट ब्लॉकचैन की प्री लॉन्च प्रेस कांफ्रेंस

टोस्का क्रिप्टो करेंसी से लोगों को मिली महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी

वो कहते हैं न कि कोई भी कार्य करने के लिए हमें उसके बारे में ज्ञान होना जरूरी है। बिना अध्ययन के वह कार्य अधूरा रहता है अथवा कार्य पूर्ण नहीं हो पाता। पिछले दिनों लोनावला में टोस्का क्रिप्टो अकडेमी द्वारा क्रिप्टो करेंसी के हर बारीकी से टोस्का क्रिप्टो अकडेमी के संस्थापक व फाउंडर नटराज सूर्यवंशी करीबन 10 से भी ज्यादा राज्यों से आये कम्युनिटी के लोगों को क्रिप्टो करेंसी के बारे में बताया। साथ ही उन्हें टोस्का के टोकन दिए गए और कई लोगों को पुरस्कार प्रदान कर सम्मानित भी किया गया।

लाभ और हानि हर जगह होता है चाहें कुछ भी कम किया जाए। यदि लोग टोस्का क्रिप्टो अकडेमी से जानकारी लेते हैं तो हो सकता है कि नुकसान कम के चांस ज्यादा हो। यहाँ क्रिप्टो टोकन, क्रिप्टो वॉलेट नज़र आये इसके बारे में भी नटराज सूर्यवंशी ने बताया तो व्हाट इज क्रिप्टो करेंसी ? इसके साथ ही उन्होंने व्हाट इज ब्लॉक चैन जैसे सवालो के भी सटीक जवाब दिए।

टोस्का क्रिप्टो करेंसी से लोगों को मिली महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी

Balaji Advertising Installs Big Screen In Western Railway Stations

It is an extremely good news for Bollywood film producers, distributors Actors, TV actors, TV Channels, YouTube and other media connected to films.

Balaji Advertising, under the aegis of its Managing Director  Dr.Chidambar Kulkarni who is also the MD of Visica Films Pvt Ltd ., has embarked on a novel strategy of installing Big Screen at Western Railway with the sole intent as a benefit for the film producers to exhibit the promos and teasers of their film and short film makers, to take advantage of the advertising strategy for their film’s teasers and promos. Already 26 screens has been installed and in operation.

Mr Nilesh Dabre is the Director and having 10 years experience  in financial institutions and mass media.

Mumbai Local train is the Lifeline of Mumbai and more than 40 lakhs of people who commute by the local train can view short films promos and teasers of films in one day.

The timings could be adjusted in laptop, computer and mobile.


Stephen Dabre;


Nilesh Dabre

+91 9167241545

CB Kulkarni

+91 89281 44784


Balaji Advertising Installs Big Screen In Western Railway Stations

KLM Axiva Finvest declares a precise intent to rise in Mumbai and Maharashtra after gaining RBI nod for opening 1000 branches

The South India renowned financial service provider confirms their entry in Mumbai after 500+ branches in other cities with RBI’s approval for the spread of 1000 Branches across the country!

July 29, 2022, Mumbai: KLM Axiva Finvest, one of the leading Gold Loan NBFCs, shows curiosity in aiding the Mumbai masses while broadcasting its principal regional office in Mumbai after outstretching out to most of South India.

KLM Axiva has set its footprints in Maharashtra by launching a Zonal office in Mumbai. The corporation has shown unprecedented expansion by establishing new financial products to cater to its consumers. Digi-Gold, a digital online gold forum, has elevated customer engagement by making the documentation feasible and user-friendly. The organization aims to scale globally to meet the soaring customer demands.

Mr. Thanish Dalee, CFO, KLM Axiva Finvest, states, “From Gold loans to investments, microfinance to money exchange, and forex to insurance, we have marked our presence everywhere in the finance industry. The profit contributed by investments increased by 76%, total loans by 44%, and interest income by 45%. The previous financial year shows a total business growth of 60%. We have pridefulness to be a self-funded organization till date.”

With the company counting more branches to its wings, it employs more workforce to expand the business. The organization’s backbone is the trust between KLM Axiva Finvest and its customers.

“Contemporary banking resolutions are required to equip the expectations of the customers. Our Special Scheme for Gold Loan is “Quick Gold Loan” @50 Paisa interest rate per month.” says Mr. Manoj. He further added, “KLM Axiva has grown its substantial customer base of 2 Lakh by delivering top financial solutions through developed technology. With our expansion in Mumbai, the country’s financial hub, we intend to reach our assistance PAN India.”

“KLM Axiva Finvest has completed its six NCDs and is preparing to initiate the seventh in August. We have need-based solutions for all customers and GL schemes starting from a 6% interest rate. With a regional office in Mumbai, we are devising to establish a Nodal Office to oversee the activities of the nearby areas from one place. The outstanding customer service makes us different from others, especially for the prompt service and less documentation.” affirmed Mr. Srikant Nair, Vice President, KLM Axiva Finvest.

Mr. Srikant added: “The trust bestowed upon KLM Axiva from customers is immeasurable, and Maharashtra will gain a lot from the same. The KLM Foundation, a charity-oriented business venture, helps balance society at all levels. We are not only assisting citizens through finance but also understanding society’s needs in educational, employment, medical, and youth welfare areas.”

They have come up with Non-Convertible Debenture (NCD), which is a supreme investment if you are looking for an investment that makes a fixed income systematically. People who invest in NCD receive regular interest at a specific rate. KLM Axiva Finvest issued its 6th NCD with a higher interest rate this year. The issue opened from February 15, 2022, to March 11, 2022. Excellent service history, experienced workforce, maximum security, and best returns that KLM Axiva Finvest offers for their offers have increased the customer base eventually. The company’s convenience to customers and promising future for an employee is shaping their company’s success.

About KLM Axiva Finvest

KLM Axiva Finvest is a systemically important Gold Loan NBFC. The company has its branch presence almost in all of South India and is now eyeing a Pan-India expansion. The customer base is solid, with over 2 lac customers. India’s leading gold financing firm in terms of the loan portfolio is also the country’s most trusted financial services brand since 1997. Systemically important non-deposit-taking NBFC is how it is known. It offers business loans secured by gold jewelry, sometimes known as gold loans, as part of its primary business. KLM Axiva Finvest primarily serves people who own gold jewelry but cannot obtain formal credit promptly or may not be eligible for credit. It aids clients in getting the short-term cash they need to fulfill unforeseen or other needs.

KLM Axiva Finvest declares a precise intent to rise in Mumbai and Maharashtra after gaining RBI nod for opening 1000 branches

Congratulations And Kudos To AVIKA AIRLINES On Launching

Avika Airlines Private Limited is an upcoming airline focused on offering exclusive and premier flying experience to its clients. We shall operate own fleet of Jets, turboprops and choppers from multiple bases across India. Our professional approach along with a personalized touch in services make it a Blissful flying Experience for you.


To provide quality and cost-effective solutions to our customers and build sustained relationship through an environment that fosters continuous improvement, teamwork, and growth for our employees and profitability for the company.


To be the Most Preferred and Leading Charter Airline by offering exceptional quality services and unparalleled customer support

Private Jet Charters

Private charter flights offer a range of advantages for busy professionals, including time-efficiency. From quicker check-ins to faster transit times, private jet hire is the perfect way to fulfill multiple meetings in different cities, carry out several site visits in one day or simply have more of an opportunity to remain productive while travelling. Expansive cabin interiors, technological enhancements and luxury seating also mean that passengers can recline in complete comfort for the duration of the journey and arrive refreshed at their final destination.

Helicopter Charters

Helicopter charters offer a level of flexibility not commonly found with fixed wing aircraft, with the most notable advantage of point-to-point travel.Intelligently designed and highly adaptable to address a range of individual requirements, their capabilities allow access to remote areas and city centres, with the ability to land at helipads, hotels and even private properties, where space allows, making them one of the most flexible and suitable aircraft types for travel to remote, crowded or otherwise difficult to reach destinations.

Air Ambulance Charter

Our air medical ambulance services caters to those individuals who require medical assistant while traveling, whether it is as a stretcher case on life support system or as an escort for those disabled and/ or unable to tend for themselves during their flight back home. Any person requiring any form of medical assistant for critical or non-critical care transport may use these services. There are different kinds of air ambulance, which are being done in different way.

For Any Query Email Us




Congratulations  And  Kudos To  AVIKA AIRLINES  On Launching

Enter A&I Hyderabad Making A Rapid Rise in the Publication Niche as a One-of-a-kind Magazine for Architects and Interior Designers

The magazine highlights news, successes, experiences, and pretty much everything regarding the industry celebrating the talents in Hyderabad.

It is so surreal to know and learn about all those platforms, businesses, and brands that go ahead in turning the heads of people and attracting their maximum attention for all the right reasons. These businesses lead their way to the top for reasons more than one, but most importantly, for what unique they offer to their target audiences and the people they love to cater to through their products or services. In the world of magazines and publications, there has been a rapid rise of too many players that have shown the potential to take over the overall media space or specific domains. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such incredible magazine dedicated to the architecture and design domain. We are talking about A&I Hyderabad, which has risen to the top as a one-of-a-kind magazine.

Yes, you read that right; A&I Hyderabad is one of those rare gems in the online media world that has emerged as a powerful platform for all those people who have been relentlessly serving the architecture and interior designing realms in Hyderabad, India. A&I Hyderabad is a growing magazine that is filled with too many great articles written by the ones who serve the industry as true-blue professionals and wish to bring their experiences, knowledge, and insights in front of others and all those budding professionals who strive to become a part of the industry.

It won’t be wrong to say that A&I Hyderabad is perhaps the only consistently growing magazine based in Hyderabad that has the potential to take over the online media realm with the kind of powerful articles it has so far provided people with. The much-talked-about magazine provides articles featuring talented architects and interior designers, and many other specialists in the industry who make sure to create a positive difference by spreading their knowledge and experiences with others.

To know more, visit the website, http://aihyderabad.com/

and follow it on Instagram @aimagazinehyd.

Enter A&I Hyderabad  Making A Rapid Rise in the Publication Niche as a One-of-a-kind Magazine for Architects and Interior Designers

JAI BHEEM Short Video app’s contest winning Influencers set for an extravaganza in Dubai!

A couple of months ago, JAI BHEEM short video app had announced an online contest inviting short videos from talented influencers and youngsters, where the contestant had to just simply post his video online to participate in this contest.

Four winning influencers are in for a grand treat with JAI BHEEM app taking them for an exquisite prize holiday in Dubai where they will be given a chance to perform at the mid-day Iconic International Awards to display their talent.

The lucky winners of this online contest are Rushabh More (Humour/content creator), Raja Naidu (Dance), Shraddha Pawar (Dance) and Shivani Kamble (Content creator trending videos reels).

Girish Wankhede, the CEO of Jai Bheem app has also announced to present them with a memento handed to them by superstars of Bollywood industry and celebrities of Corporate World. “I am overwhelmed by the flood of entries received for our Jai Bheem online contest. It is our privilege to partner with mid-day to felicitate the influencers and this is just the beginning of our endeavor to recognize, acknowledge and nurture the talent of these youngsters to provide them with international exposure,” said Wankhede.

This contest ran tremendously well across all the platforms and elicited entries from talented youth in far flung interiors. An elite panel of experts at Jai Bheem app went through each of the entries, short listing them and finally deciding upon the winners. The criteria of selection was based on the originality of the theme, performance ability of the contestant, the subject matter or the issue and then finally the effectiveness of the participant’s performance to convey a message to the society.

True to it’s vision of channelizing the creative energies of the new generation, JAI BHEEM short video App is cruising on its way to create a bridge and motivate the youth. This unleashes their talent in a better constructive form that engages the hidden talent of youngsters in more creative pursuits.

JAI BHEEM Short Video app’s contest winning influencers set for an extravaganza in Dubai!

Discover Orberium Cryptocurrency A chance to dive into the World of Cryptocurrency

Meet Orberium Cryptocurrency, an opportunity for those who missed exchanging their fiat currency in to digital or future currency like bitcoin and many more which are rising very high these days. Orberium has a supply of 150 million (15 CR). Their token symbol is OTC. The decimal of Orberium’s token is 18 Decimal.

It is Orberium’s plan to work with all the major e-commerce sites to accept its cryptocurrency. Several online and offline outlets such as D-Mart, Flipkart, Amazon and Make my trip will allow the community members to use their cryptocurrency to buy the things they need on a daily basis.

Customers also have an option of Staking from between 15 months to 48 months. The currency exchange starts from a minimum amount of 25 USD with a monthly staking reward of up to 6%. The staking bonus is 3% for 15 months, 4% for 24 months, 5% for 36 months and 6% for 48 months.

The Orberium token community is joining one of the fastest-growing markets in the world: gaming. Virtual reality gaming in the metaverse is also one of the most lucrative business visions in the coming years.

It is the only token in the crypto world that offers benefits to first-time buyers while also rewarding people as a token of thanks for educating people about Orberium tokens through their invitation link. You can also buy OTC Tokens for any amount through Binance Coin (BNB).

Orberium Token Community Limited is an active company with the registered office located in Bristol, UK.

Discover Orberium Cryptocurrency  A chance to dive into the World of Cryptocurrency

Ronnie Rodrigues and Sujoy Mukherjee Inaugurated Radhika Jewellers at Mira Road

Akshay Tritiya is considered as one of the best auspicious days in Hinduism. Most of the people buy gold on this day as it’s considered that it brings prosperity. On this auspicious day the brand new showroom of Radhika Jewellers was inaugurated in a grand manner by Ronnie Rodrigues, Owner of Cinebuster Magazine and Sujoy Mukherjee, Owner of Joy Mukherjee Productions and Filmalaya Studios. They inaugurated Radhika Jewellers’ new showroom by cutting the ribbon where a large media presence was seen. Arvind Maheshwari, owner of Radhika Jewellers profusely thanked both the guests.
Ronnie Rodrigues extended his best wishes to Arvind Maheshwari, Owner, Radhika Jewelers and said that Radhika Jewellers would soon be able to win the trust of the customers. He wished them luck for opening many more branches of Radhika Jewellers. He drove to Mira Road from downtown Mumbai and was impressed with jewellery on the display.
Sujoy Mukherjee was warmly welcomed and was surrounded for selfies. Talking to the media here, he said, “I heartily congratulate the owner Arvind Maheshwari for the new beginning of Radhika Jewellers. This showroom is looking very nice, its decor, look, staff and the jewellery here are all great. I came here with Ronnieji,  my family friend and close to Mukherjee’s family.
I intend to come to this showroom for Jewellery shopping.” He also spoke about his illustrious father and yesteryear’s famous actor Joy Mukherjee and wants to further his father’s legacy.
Radhika Jewelers is located at Sukh Angan of Ashish Complex, Silver Park, Shop number is 7/8. Mira Road East. Lallan R Tiwari, Founder, Rahul Education, was also present at the inauguration ceremony of Radhika Jewellers.

Pics By : Ramakant Munde Mumbai

Ronnie Rodrigues and Sujoy Mukherjee Inaugurated Radhika Jewellers at Mira Road

Time Group and NH Studios announced the upcoming films web series and albums


TIME Group & NH STUDIOZ made an exciting announcement at a gala event held at Hotel Sahara Star. TIME is an end-to-end entertainment major, that covers ACQUISITION-PRODUCTION-DISTRIBUTION-EXHIBITION of films/content all under one banner. NH Studioz a leading content house with distribution of Indian Cinematic Content around the Globe Via All possible modes and mediums.Industry doyen, Mr. Pravin Shah of TIME Group and Mr. Narendra Hirawat of NH STUDIOZ along with Mr. Sagoon Wagh announced their plans.TIME Group Chairman, Mr. Pravin Shah, Mr. Sagoon Wagh  (Managing Director), Mr.Viral Shah (Director) and Mr. Jeet Wagh (Director) unveiled the amped logo of TIME to mark the momentous occasion of their four decades in the Indian media and entertainment business.

TIME unveils the most advanced state-of-art chroma studio at Golden Tobacco, Vile Parle West. It is the the biggest shooting floor in Mumbai sprawling across 30,000 sq. ft. and 55 ft. height. Having world class technologies, providing the finest services nationwide. In collaboration with Mr. Subhash Kale, owner of Real Touch Studios making the Impossible-possible in content creation.Mr. Pravin Shah, Chairman, TIME Group, said, “I pledge to keep raising bars the way  I have been doing with every project since four decades and keep entertaining with larger than life visuals as always!Mr. Sagoon Wagh, Managing Director, TIME Group, has been in the Film Industry for 40 years and has been with Time Group during its early days. He said, “Time Group Chairman, Pravinbhai and I go a long way and have been associated since 1982. I was a part of blockbuster films Vijaypath, Jodi No.1, Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi, etc.

We will now be announcing new projects in films, web-series and music videos.” Mr. Viral Shah, Director, TIME Group, said, “TIME Group has been a pioneer and innovator through the last 40 years and now, we are making a quantum leap towards future forward Gen-Next technology, services and solutions in the Indian entertainment space. Apart from its established verticals, TIME Films and TIME Audio, TIME Group now has diversified into TIME Virtual Studios, TIME Artists Network and TIME Motion Picture Services.” He also added, “The amped logo symbolizes TIME Group’s renewed energy. We, at TIME, are revolutionizing the future with frontier technologies that will take Indian film-making and content creation to the next level. Our new verticals will add and augment our holistic integrated offering to Indian entertainers.” TIME Films & NH Studioz unveiled new projects with their associates:1.     TIME FILMS AND NH STUDIOZ PRESENTSZAKHAMIDirected by “TEJA”Produced by TIME FILMS and NH STUDIOZ 2.     TIME FILMS AND NH STUDIOZ PRESENTSFREEDOM AT MIDNIGHTDirected by “M CHANDRAMOULI”Produced by TIME FILMS, NH STUDIOZ, TRIFLIX ENTERTAINMENT, 13 SHARK & NINJOUR PIRCTURES 3.     TIME FILMS AND NH STUDIOZ PRESENTSOPERATION KHILADIDirected by “SANJEEV KRISHNAMOORTHY”Produced by TIME FILMS, NH STUDIOZ, TRIFLIX ENTERTAINMENT & NINJOUR PICTURES. 4.     TIME FILMS, NH STUDIOZ AND TRIFLIX ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTSTOPSPINDirected by “Aijaz Khan”Produced by TIME FILMS, NH STUDIOZ & TRIFLIX ENTERTAINMENT 5.     TIME FILMS AND NH STUDIOZ PRESENTSSAMOSA SINGHDirected by “REHAN KHAN”Produced by TIME FILMS, NH STUDIOZ, TRIFLIX ENTERTAINMENT, HAPPII DIGITAL 6.     TIME FILMS, NH STUDIOZ AND GLOBAL GATE PRESENTSWEDDING UNPLANNEDDirected by “REHAN KHAN”Produced by GLOBAL GATE ENTERTAINMENT, TIME FILMS, NH STUDIOZ, YOUNG N FREE, TRIFLIX ENTERTAINMENT 7.     KABOOLDirected by “ANANT MAHADEVAN”Produced by AJAY KAPOOR PRODUCTIONS,SPARKLING STUDIOS,TIME FILMS & NH STUDIOZ 8.     TIME FILMS, NH STUDIOZ & TRIFLIX ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTSRANNEETIDirected by “ASHU TRIKHA” Produced by TIME FILMS, NH STUDIOZ & TRIFLIX ENTERTAINMENT 9.     TIME FILMS, NH STUDIOZ & TRIFLIX ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTSGANDHI MAIDANProduced by TIME FILMS, NH STUDIOZ & TRIFLIX ENTERTAINMENT 10.  TIME FILMS & NH STUDIOZ PRESENTSTASKARIDirected by “TEJA”Produced by TIME FILMS, TRIFLIX ENTERTAINMENT & NIRVAIR PRODUCTIONSOn this occasion.

TIME also announced the powerful Hanuman Chalisa, sung and composed by euphonious Sukhwinder Singh, which is set to be released on the auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti on 16th April.Another announcement was made of their music video ‘Jogi Re Jogi’, the world’s first devotional song shot in Varanasi simultaneously in 4 (four) languages — Hindi, Marathi, Bengali & Bhojpuri.Several prominent personalities and celebrities from the Indian entertainment Industry graced the momentous occasion.

TIME Group vertical heads and partners-Subhash Kale & Sridevi Shetty also claimed to put in their best efforts in order to make TIME soar heights.

Pics : Ramakant Munde Mumbai

Time Group and NH Studios announced the upcoming films web series and albums

BUZZFLIX to entertain the consumers And To recreate History

Its fight for good content/web series

And yes its war of OTT channel and Surviving in between them is a clever move,Told the Owner of Buzzflix Mr Sameer Shenoy and Mr.Rakesh Thakur A web series (also known as a web show) is a series of scripted or non-scripted online shows which first emerged in the late 1990s and became more prominent in the early 2000s.

*In April 1995, “Global Village Idiots”, * an episode of the Bloomington, Indiana-based public access program Rox, was uploaded to the Internet

The same year, Microsoft launched MSN Video which featured the original web series Weird TV

The video-sharing site YouTube was launched in early 2005, * allowing users to share television programs.*YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim said the inspiration for YouTube first came from Janet Jackson’s incident in the 2004 ,Karim could not easily find video clips of either event online, which led to the idea of a video sharing site.

From 2006, several web series began to get popularity, most impactful series was Red vs. Blue and acquired over 100 million views during its run…

We all are on same track,we are here to entertain the consumers.

Above was the benchmark and here is BUZZFLIX to recreate History.


BUZZFLIX to entertain the consumers  And  To recreate History

टिप्स इंडस्ट्रीज ने अपने पहले गीत ‘रोला करवायेगी’ के साथ एक और स्थानीय भाषा के कंटेंट चैनल ‘टिप्स राजस्थानी’ में अपनी शुरुआत की और घोषणा की

गायक और संगीत: – संभव शर्मा और संकल्प शर्मा (बावाले चोर), गीत: – रवि भार्गव

विविध दर्शकों के लिए प्रासंगिक स्थानीय भाषा-विशिष्ट और सांस्कृतिक रूप से उपयुक्त सामग्री के लिए एक महान रचनात्मक और व्यावसायिक अवसर है और हम पहले से ही गुजराती, पंजाबी, भोजपुरी, हरियाणवी, मराठी और अब राजस्थानी के विकास में महान सामग्री विकसित करने पर काम कर रहे हैं।

टिप्स ने अपने बैनर तले न केवल बेहतरीन संगीत बल्कि फिल्मों की एक विस्तृत श्रृंखला पर मंथन करते हुए उल्लेखनीय वृद्धि देखी है।  भाषाओं और शैलियों में कई क्षेत्रीय चैनलों के संचय के साथ, टिप्स एक अग्रणी ट्रेंड-सेटर के रूप में उभरा है, जो लगातार नए प्रारूप और डिजिटल-फर्स्ट कंटेंट है जो दुनिया भर के दर्शकों के साथ अच्छी तरह से जुड़ता है।

कुमार तौरानी कहते हैं “टिप्स इंडस्ट्रीज में हम एक बहुभाषी दशक आगे देखते हैं और दर्शकों के लिए संगीत और फिल्म के संदर्भ में पथ-प्रदर्शक सामग्री बनाने की दिशा में काम कर रहे हैं और प्रधान मंत्री नरेंद्र मोदीजी के डिजिटल इंडिया के दृष्टिकोण में योगदान देने वाले स्पष्ट दृष्टिकोण के साथ”

Tips Industries launches and announces its foray into yet another local language content channel Tips Rajasthan’ with their first song Rola Karvayegi

Press conference by Dr Natraj Suryawanshi (Toska Crypto Academy) appeals to Indians for Learning before Investing in Crypto

Nowadays everyone wants to invest in cryptocurrency like they do in the stock market. But fluctuations in the market and inadequate knowledge stop people from investing in cryptocurrency, which is also called crypto. Cryptocurrency may be a good alternative or balancing asset to cash, which may devalue due to inflation over time. Crypto is an asset that people invest in and have found that it yields very high returns. Investing in cryptocurrencies over the long run can be rewarding. But, it is critical that you gain knowledge about the market before you invest in it. Crypto expert and consultant, Mr. Natraj Suryawanshi has shared his expert knowledge about cryptocurrency, during an interview.

Mr. Natraj Suryawanshi, who is the Founder of Toska Technologies and currently serves as its CEO, has also discussed his new academy that can help you achieve success in the crypto sector.

In an Candid interview with him he answered few questions which were asked to him

Q:First and foremost please let us know about your company?

Ans :-Everyone in the Indian market is excited about crypto. But, whether it is crypto or the stock market, perfection comes only with knowledge. We have built hence Toska Technologies like an academy for crypto, which is not a currency but a digital asset.

Q:-What is the difference between a digital asset and crypto asset?

Ans:-A digital asset is something like Google Pay, PhonePe, and Paytm. They are assets with which you can connect through your bank and transfer money to each other. It is a fixed digital currency.

In crypto asset, there are a lot of variants that fluctuate and hence it rises and falls. It depends on supply and demand. Crypto asset is the coming future.

Q:-Please tell us about the legality of crypto in India?

Ans:-The Indian government is working very well on this matter at the moment. You must have heard about a legislation for crypto that has been approved recently. But, we are talking about crypto in the international market. Nearly 30 to 40 countries have already accepted crypto as a currency. But, as an asset, it will be proper. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has already approved digital assets through a Prepaid Payment Instrument (PPI) license. In the same way, it is upon the government to make crypto legal and it is working rapidly in that direction.

Mr. Natraj Suryawanshi then talked about the recently approved crypto bill in India. He said people who know and understand crypto invest in it and earn a profit from the investment. The bill says that these people will have to give 30% of the profit to the government. There is also a 1% TDS applicable on the exchange required for the transactions that we do with each other.

Q:-Please throw some light on the technology behind crypto and how does it work?

Ans:=A lot of scams happen in the world of digital assets. When we talk about crypto we are discussing digital assets in which there is a decentralized system. This system is made from blockchain technology, which is not hackable. This can have tremendous benefits for the future generation.

Q:-Since you have talked about blockchain and decentralization, please tell us what is the Indian market’s take on it.?

Ans:-India has a population of 135 crores, out of which 65% use Android phones and these people are youngsters. These people are wasting their time and money on YouTube and social media like Facebook, and Instagram. Through Toska Technologies, we have launched an academy in which we want to create employment with an education base.

Q:-What does Toska Crypto Academy intend to do? Will it be conducted online or offline? Is the academy eyeing international presence?

Ans:-No doubt, it is online and decentralized, but let us talk about education. If you want to join Toska Crypto Academy, then there is simple registration, after which you will get to what know exactly crypto is. Students of the academy will get to learn about blockchain technology, decentralized systems. We will provide knowledge about all this in detail. Once you complete the course with the academy, you can start trading in crypto. Youngsters can get a small profit from the business they will launch after learning a lot of things about crypto from home. This can thus provide them with employment.

Q:-Finally, please tell us about how to join Toska Crypto Academy?

Ans:-The registration process is simple. If you are interested, you can visit Toska Crypto Academy’s website toskaacademy.com to register yourself there. As soon as you enter your name, address, and email in the registration form, you will get a token as a gift from the academy that can have a value of millions and billions in the future. Our back-end team will then contact and provide you with the complete detail. Finally, we will provide you with knowledge and training about crypto and how you can earn from it.

Learn the basics and then Invest says CEO and Founder Dr Natraj Suryavanshi- Toska Crypto Academy

Seven X Hospitality Entered Into Music Venture With Film Junkies

Seven X Hospitality  A  project by Ashitaa Parekh, Shreesh Jain, Purvish Jain

Independent individuals who have got together to manage business  or for a philanthropic purpose. These professionals provide their expertise and extensive knowledge to ensure that the project continues to flourish. They invest into new ventures and emerging projects with the goal of growing and scaling them.

Seven X had invested Film Junkies into their first Haryanvi project with Himanshu and Gurmeet Bhadana of Haryanvi Music.

Gurmeet and Himanshu are the star Singer and  composer who had given loads of hits in haryanvi which scales from 100 million to 200 million.

Songs like THM in haryanvi are the most trending songs.where Halka Dupatta tera Muh dikhe is the most viral songs on the reels.

Song is directed by Team Film Junkies also featured sana sultan who is having 2 million followers and gave loads of Haryanvi hits in the music scene.

For more updates keep watching this space.


Seven X hospitality entered into Music Venture with Film Junkies

Games24x7 ropes in Hrithik Roshan as the brand ambassador of RummyCircle

~ Celebrating the skill and passion of every online gaming enthusiast, the actor will feature in the new campaign #RahoEkKadamAage ~

India, January 28th, 2022: Games24x7 announced Hrithik Roshan as the brand ambassador for India’s largest online skill gaming platform, RummyCircle. As part of the partnership, Hrithik will be seen in multimedia campaigns by RummyCircle, spanning across TV, digital and social media platforms.

Announcing the association, Bhavin Pandya, Co-Founder and CEO of Games24x7 said, “We are very excited to partner with Hrithik, one of India’s biggest stars. Hrithik has had a remarkable career which is an epitome of versatility as he makes the right moves at the right time. His dynamism, talent and widespread appeal have made him really stand out. This resonates well with Games24x7 as we are constantly differentiating ourselves by providing awesome game playing experiences.”

Speaking on his engagement, Hrithik Roshan said, “Rummy is a game of skill that requires intellectual acumen, patience, and tact. What I like is that these are the same skills that you need, to overcome the challenges at various points in life. So, in a way, the game is a fun way to build life skills. This campaign highlights that whenever one encounters unexpected difficulties in life, they can overcome it with the right approach. I am happy to be associated with RummyCircle and Games24x7 for this splendid campaign.”

Initiating the association, the brand will be unveiling the new campaign #RahoEkKadamAage starring Hrithik via a high decibel television commercial starting 29th January. The campaign highlights real life scenarios where Hrithik Roshan demonstrates mental dexterity to find a way out of unforeseen situations.

Since its launch in 2009, the online skill gaming platform has partnered with talented personalities to further strengthen its engagement with millions of players across the country. RummyCircle is India’s largest online skill gaming platform for playing the nation’s favourite card game: Rummy. With free to play tournaments as well as cash prizes on offer, RummyCircle provides an opportunity for players to test their skills and adroitness. Excellent UI/UX, customized player journeys and superior technology make RummyCircle an unparalleled destination for players seeking thrill, fun and entertainment.

About Games24x7

Games24x7 is India headquartered online gaming company with a portfolio that spans skill games (RummyCircle, My11Circle, Carrom) and casual games (U-Games). It was founded by New York University trained economists Bhavin Pandya and Trivikraman Thampy in 2006.  Backed by marquee investors including Tiger Global and The Raine Group, the company specializes in using behavioural science, technology, and artificial intelligence to provide awesome game playing experiences across all its platforms. Games24x7 operates RummyCircle, the largest online rummy platform in India, and My11Circle, one of country’s top fantasy sports platforms. The company has also set up a casual games’ studio, Ultimate Games, to launch new games for the global market. The diverse, talented, and passionate Games24x7 team is spread across three continents with offices in Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi, Kiev, Philadelphia, and Miami.

For more information, please visit: www.games24x7.com

Games24x7 ropes in Hrithik Roshan as the brand ambassador of RummyCircle

Swaran Singh Sandhu – Unleashing creative talent from North Founder Star Crew Productions

Star Crew Productions, one of the fastest growing films and music production houses of North India, was incepted in year 2020 by a Canada-returned businessman, Swaran Singh Sandhu – a man steadfastly moving towards the betterment of the Region’s talented youth.

It was Swaran Sandhu’s desire to do something constructive for the youth of North India that prompted him to start his own production house. Having been into the field of immigration consultancy for over a decade, he had seen how our youth is resorting to all kinds of illegal means to earn a basic living either abroad or here. The fact that some of these youngsters are so talented that pained him to see how they’re falling into drugs and traps laid by fraud agents.

“For those talented in arts, music and acting have to go to Mumbai for arduous struggle – which often leads the innocent youth to make disastrous choices and land into dangerous exploitation rackets. In fact, despite our solid Punjabi music and film industry, there’s still a dearth of opportunities for the talented youth here, ” opines Swaran Sandhu.

“So, to contribute in the artistic development of our the people of our region, and save our youth from getting exploited in big cities, I decided to start my own production house : Star Crew, which currently runs three music channels – Punjabi, Haryanvi (Star Crew Dhakadz) and devotional songs (Star Crew Kirtan),” he adds.

Swaran Sandhu’s passion and belief in his principles is so strong that even a pandemic could not stop him from working towards his mission – the mission of providing a safe, clean and conducive environment for the young talent of North India to blossom.

Sharing his thoughts on his decision to launch Star Crew Productions during the year when the Covid19 pandemic shook the entire entertainment industry, he says,”To make an entry into the entertainment industry during the pandemic was certainly a challenging step initially. However, I am glad that we exceeded our expectations and also, learnt from the various challenges that came across our way. This was the best time for me personally, to try out something new in life and the lean phase gave me enough ‘me-time’ to research and nurture my creative side. I got enough time to understand the industry and offer the kind of entertainment that people actually wanted to consume. I am glad, so far we have got excellent response from the audience.”

Through different channels of Star Crew, Swaran Sandhu has provided a platform to a plethora of talented musicians, singers, actors and models to display their talent in front of the whole world through the right means.

From the trendy Punjabi videos to the mesmerizing Haryanvi folk to the soulful devotional music, in just a matter of one year, Star Crew Productions has churned out scintillating videos one after another through its three different YouTube Channels.

Their debut Punjabi song released under the label, Star Crew Punjabi, with superstar Punjabi singer Preet Harpal – Yaari Tutt Ju – garnered over three million plus views and became a runaway success in no time, inspiring the proficient  team of Star Crew to deliver more outstanding music videos.

In an open invitation to the regions talent, says Swaran Sandhu, “Whether you feel that you have a singing talent or acting prowess that needs to be unleashed or you love strumming a guitar, playing a tabla or any other musical instrument or simply, composing magical tunes, Star Crew is here to provide you with all the necessary resources and support make your dreams come true.”

The Star Crew Production’s studios are well-equipped with the most modern technology and the world-class infrastructure. Whether it’s the superlative sound system or the high-end cameras, technicians, recordists, and so on, Swaran Sandhu ensures that once an artiste reaches the Star Crew Productions office, he or she doesn’t have to go anywhere else to give wings to their creative talent.

Talking about his future plans, Swaran Sandhu says, “Our plans for the future include launching more and more talented singers, musicians, models and actors through our various channels. Besides music, we are now planning to shoot a few short films as well. Some webseries are also in the pipeline.”

“I am so glad and feel proud of my team for making Star Crew known for its outstanding values, ethics and business standards in such a short span.  We’re now regarded for providing a reliable platform to bring forth the yet unearthed talent of the Region,” says Swaran Sandhu.

“We are renowned for our ethical production values that have helped us in giving the right platform to the often misguided youth of Punjab, that wants to leave a mark in the entertainment industry,” he adds.

Besides Star Crew Productions, Swaran Sandhu is also the founder of Raffles Educity – one of the most renowned immigration consultancy firms in North India.

He is also a philanthropist and a popular motivational speaker. He even personally guides and mentors the young talent towards unleashing their creativity and hidden potential. His TV programs as a motivator are hugely popular amidst the youth of Punjab.


Swaran Singh Sandhu – Unleashing creative talent from North Founder,  Star Crew Productions


Mastered digital marketing Acing his journey towards being Social Media Expert
Rahul gained success that is a dream for so many digital entrepreneur In today’s era, there is immense potential in technology, with increasing technology, the craze of social media is increasing among the people. People sit for hours on social sites, the most popular social sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Nowadays blue tick is given to a person who’s are public figure and celebrity.He is doing social media promotion for many aspiring models/ actors and also helping them to gain blue badge, he is also working in bollywood industry apart from this he is growing very well in social media and promotion sector boosting there instagram ,facebook, snapchat giving them blue tick.

He is also expert in making Google knowledge pannel ||Wikipedia ||Youtube monetization|| Pr Articles || Insta Verification ||Google Adwords Ads Skip/Display ads |Reel promotion || Instagram Real Followers.

He has done reel promotion of famous movie,”Puaada” of Ammy Virk and also expert in online promotion of songs by putting skip ads and display ads.

Also help in recovering hacked account ,deleted account from instagram. He is providing these service from name Chandigarhfilmcastingdigital.



Acceptance and action for welcoming the Digital Era can be seen within the Industries says Ms Pushpa Varma – A known Digital and Content Creator

A well known name in the influencer world known for her content creation , brand shout outs . As She famously says “The only thing permanent in this world is the word -Change “ and we all have witnessed it specially in 2021.

As we all are entering a new year with new digital era She further says marketing and branding is currently been leveraged by social media marketing tools to enhance brand images

On exclusively speaking with her On life after the outbreak of Covid 19 she adds to say that the Digital Era has pre ponded its entry by 5 years in India , What was supposed to happen after 5 years is happening now In India , Thus earlier the people adopt to the Digtial revolution Era the more it will be better and will further make them comfortable and easy . As this time the word “Change” is taking us through a transition and  the earlier we adopt to it will be helpful to us , The Digital Era which is backed up by technology and a vision to do everything on the finger tips will soon be the future. Youth has already started adapting the digital era followed by the middle aged who are now getting comfortable with it . People will spend less on infrastructures and more on technology and this shift is now visible , Early adaptive will take the first move advantage in their respective fields.

On further speaking on the Tinsel town  she adds , Acceptance and action both can be seen with industries, companies and bollywood Producers as well as they have shifted most of their releases to OTT and other digital platforms  and are further making meaningful Substances understanding the audience , The budgets on social media and influencer marketing have increased phenomenally as compared to Sattelite Pre launch , the shift in this industry is to accept the technology with open arms and they too understand the importance of Digital Media and influencer Marketing .Staying in close communication with other digital content creators , she shares a great bond and has strong contacts with her associates.

Her brilliance and mastery in her craft have made her a great and renowned name in the influencer industry.


Acceptance and action for welcoming the Digital Era can be seen within the Industries says Ms Pushpa Varma – A known Digital and Content Creator

Saurabh Chopra young entrepreneur is all set to Launch his New Punjabi Music Channel VolMax

Saurabh chopra who is the owner of JV films and and JV entertainment under whose banner he had produced loads of punjabi songs and managed loads of big names of punjab.

Saurabh chopra is a dashing personality who win over the heart of artist from his charm and gave platform to loads of new artist.

Recently he was in news for his lockdown series with director Arzad Naaz featuring flora Saini of stree and Gandi baat  and Rishabh sinha from Bigg boss 9 and qubool hai.

As we reached saurabh for his idea for his Music label he commented.

My roots are from Punjab and punjab is full with talent in music but today label are exploiting artist and just menting money from their talent and they are not getting the right exposure.so I decided to take the responsibility to showcase the talent in the right way and the right path.

Vol Max is of the people and for the people.


Let the Music play .

Mumbai Dwellers get set for the Gastronomy Voyage and Experience the Best in Mediterranean – Asian – Greek – Lebanese – Turkish and Egyptian Delicacies at Diablo

Diablo is a first-of-its-kind restaurant and bar where authenticity meets modern ingredients, raising the culinary quotient and offering premium handcrafted drinks. The extravagant menu ranges from ancient Greek, Lebanese, Turkish and Egyptian delicacies put together by the owners Abhimanyu Jakhar, Priyank Sukhija, Navin Agarwal and the team of chefs.

Some signature dishes to try are Psari Fournou, Truffle Cauliflower Hummus, Diablo Persimmon Cheesecake & Gnocchi-con-crème truffle, Seared Xinjiang Lamb and Green Onion Prawn Suami in Asian Dishes to name a few. Diablo serves deeply researched mystical recipes to create progressive and fascinating bar menu. The range of cocktails and mocktails have been dug out from unexampled experiments between stately monarchical tastes and contemporary mixes to create exclusive drinks. The bar is inspired by MC Escher, serving a variety of mocktails such as the Drink & Drive and Bubblegum Pineapple Kombucha. For those looking for a little more wickedness, El Diablo, Fallen angel, Prince of darkness, and Gabriel are some unique options to quench your thirst around sculptures, and lights all intertwining to showcase the mysterious beauty in a diabolical space.

Being one of the most instagram-able places, flourished in all its glory, with chic interiors and sassy vibes, the aesthetics of Diablo is vibrant , youthful and eccentric.

The warm welcome by the staff of Diablo lent the guests their first few moments of comfort, it is committed to providing the consumer the highest level of hospitality services. The restaurant aims to create a niche for them and set new benchmarks in quality, efficiency and service.

Abhimanyu Jakhar, owner of Diablo says “Our aim is to provide the residents of Mumbai, with quality entertainment in an enjoyable, pleasant atmosphere. We believe that while the place will leave a pleasant and long lasting impression to all its visitors, it should also appeal to a broader canvas of customers ranging from the local to the international.

We want to make dining & drinking a treat for all our customers”

Address- Kamla Mills, Victoria House, Ground Floor, E.B Marg, Lower Parel Opposite Bombay Dying, South Mumbai 400013.

Desi Homes – Property Expo 2021 Brings Top Indian Builders-Developers To Dubai

“Desi Homes” Property Expo 2021′, will give a golden opportunity for Indian Builders/Developers who wish to take their businesses to New Heights

The organizers of “Desi Homes” Property Expo 2021′, have ensured that Covid protocols will be completely followed in the event.

“Desi Homes” Property Expo 2021′, will be Organized at Hotel Le Meridien, Dubai which is one of the largest Ballroom Venue.

The 3rd Edition of “Desi Homes” – Property Expo 2021′, will be organized in Dubai from October 21st to 23rd at Hotel Le Meridien. Touted to be one of the largest Ballroom Venue in Dubai, the Expo will bring together all the top Real Estate Builders/Developers from various corners of India to Dubai. The Real Estate Builders/Developers will get a chance to Exhibit their Best Constructs during the Expo, and it will help them to elevate the possibilities of their Businesses.

The event is hosted by Synergy of Services Nitelife Pvt Ltd (SOS Nitelife). The Banking Partner of this upcoming Luxurious event is Bank of Baroda, a leading Bank in India, while the Legal Advisor is Solicis Lex. Shelter Homes is the Marketing Partner of “Desi Homes” – Property Expo 2021′, and the Travel partner is Arihant Trip Solutions.

The upcoming “Desi Homes” – Property Expo 2021′, will feature Exhibitors from various parts of India who will showcase properties that include Independent Houses, Apartments, Non-Agricultural Plots, and Farmhouses. Apart from Builders, the Expo will also have Ancillary Service providers like Modular Furniture Suppliers, Security System Experts and Interior Designers.

Due to the Covid scare, this year’s “Desi Homes” – Property Expo 2021′, will be organized by following all the safety protocols. Audiences will be allowed to attend the event in batches as per Covid Norms, and the organizers have assured that safety will be given the utmost priority during the entire event.

“This Edition of “Desi Homes” – Property Expo 2021′, is going to be written in history with golden letters. This year, considering the ongoing pandemic situation, we have made all necessary arrangements to carry out the event in the safest manner.  The Expo gives a tremendous chance for Builders/Developers to expand their businesses, and it also helps them to build their Brand Effectively,” Chand Seth, the Founder/Managing Director of SOS Nitelife.

Lina Ingle, Co-founder/Director SOS Nitelife said, “Yes, we are assuring strict Covid norms, but it does not mean that Luxury and Style are not compromised. This year’s event will be a Landmark in the History of the “Desi Homes” – Property Expo 2021′. It will be the right blend of Opportunity, Style, Grandeur, and Luxury.”

Advocate Ameet Mehta, Managing Partner of Solicis Lex said, “Even though the second wave of Covid has waned in almost all countries, we want to ensure all stones unturned. We will be making sure that the “Desi Homes” – Property Expo 2021′, will be conducted by following all Covid Protocols, and we give preference to Safety than anything else. This year’s event will be special by all means, and several top Builder’s/Developers from India are expected to take part in the Expo.”


For Participation Enquires:

Email – chand.seth@sosnitelife.com

Mr. Chand Seth.  Mobile No – 98200 11190

Website:  www.sosnitelife.com

Actor Manann Dania launched his official website www.mananndaniafilms.com to connect Film Producers to Ott platforms

Actor Manann dania launched his official website www.mananndaniafilms.com to connect Film Producers to Ott platforms.”crime factory” feature film released by Manann Dania Films is currently streaming on all leading OTT platforms.

Actor manann dania  appeared in many Tv Commercials  for brands like Renault Duster,Quick Heal,Jaguar,Subway,Hike messenger,MTS mobiles,Karbonn Mobile etc..Manann was also seen in lead roles in many music videos for labels like  Zee music,Venus music,Tseries and many short films for leading OTT Platforms. like Mx Player,Hungama,has launched his official website “mananndaniafilms.com” .Under his banner manann dania films ,he is offering  Film Production/Film distribution and marketing services.

Singers can connect with him to shoot their music videos at affordable rates. When asked manann told us that apart from his  passion to act he  loves to write stories.He said “ I have worked as assistant director in few feature films.I also do distribution and PR for feature films,Web Series and short films.

After working in various departments in film industry,i have observed that Film Producers who make their films with new actors or less known artists face a lot of difficulty in pitching their content to OTT platforms.Even after producing good content they fail to recover their cost of production.This happens due to lack of planning before starting a film.A Producer who is new in the industry needs to understand that  there is a market value associated with every known artist.Spending 15 crores on a great script but new or semi known cast can lead to huge losses.”  Manann Dania Films is providing end to end services to producers right from planning stage to releasing for film and doing press release ,marketing of their content.

We all know that films is a risky business but we can minimise risks and aim for profits  by doing proper planning  right from the beginning. Connecting with him can be a profitable deal for producers.

Rrajesh Mallaya owner of M/S Bollywood Film Equipments told about BFE JUMBO JIB 40 FT

To make shooting easy in the film industry nowadays, many devices have come in the market. Rrajesh Mallaya, the owner of the film’s largest equipment company ‘M/S Bollywood Film Equipments’, told in a recent interview that he has many such equipment to make shooting simple as well as make shooting creative.

Rrajesh Mallaya says about BFE JUMBO JIB 40 FT. The BFE JUMBO JIB comes in six different lengths. You can start small and expand later. The BFE jumbo jib is designed for quick setup and breakdown, requiring only one tool.

M/S Bollywood Film Equipments has been renting out equipment used during shooting for a long time. Company owner Rrajesh Mallaya has worked in dozens of films so far, which includes films of almost every big star of the film industry. Rrajesh Mallaya says that apart from his company, there is no other company in India that has provided equipment for shooting more of his films.


Mallaya said that you can get good equipment for low rent only at M/S Bollywood Film Equipments.


Talent Dhundo A Boon For Fresh Film Industry Talents And Production Houses

How to Showcase your talent in the TV and film industry? Put an end to all your struggles with Talent Dhundo’s digital platform.

Talent Dhundo an Indian company has made a grand entry and in no time became the Largest Talent Portal. (www.talentdhundo.com). They even made their presence on your very own mobile through an app on the Play Store by the same name.

Talent Dhundo – more than just an app:

Talent Dhundo is a revolution. It’s not just a platform to showcase your talent and win likes and comments. It works like a search engine for talent hunters and those in the industry who aspires to work with someone with a unique talent. The portal acts as a mediator between upcoming new artists with top production houses in the TV and Film fraternity. The company’s vision is to help the Artists achieve what they truly deserve.

Talent Dhundo is an online forum that channelizes young and talented artist’s extraordinary skills onto various platforms. These platforms are like TV/Cinemas/Events/Reality Shows/Public Functions, etc. They assist your talent to reach the right beginning. Thus, as an artist, what you need is to follow specific steps.

First, as an artist, you need to register yourself via Talent Dhundo App on the play store or visit their web portal. Then upload your talent videos and other social media links where you have already posted your skills.

In the next step, the talent dhundo team scrutinises the artist’s profile. The experienced team of Talent Dhundo then send the registered profiles across all the industries for consideration. What follows, maybe your call for an audition, selection and finally, the assignments. It is vital to note that even all the Talent hunters (filmmakers, production houses, event companies, advertising agencies, casting agents) are put under a scan. Thereafter the talent searcher is granted access to an artist’s live dashboard. Once they do that shortlisting, the Talent Dhundo team takes it forward from there to close artists for assignments.

The main benefit occurring from this arrangement is that both the artist and talent seekers are on one single portal. Both can fulfil their search requirements.

It’s for everyone

Talent Dhundo is for every category of artists. Whether it’s Actors, Singers, Models, Photographers, Standup Comedians, Makeup Artists and Stylists, etc. (existing or a newcomer), all are welcome to register themselves. The professional team of this company works for everyone with the same zeal and dedication. Talent dhundo also organises various talent programs for artists to upgrade and polish their skills from time to time.

Talent Dhundo- is a way forward and its a sure shot road to success:


or Visit the Talent Dhundo App on Play store.

Mahakali Movie’s And Khesari Lal Yadav’s Untitled Film Muhurat N Shooting Started

महंकाली मूवीज से हुआ खेसारी लाल यादव की अनाम फ़िल्म का मुहूर्त शूटिंग शुरू

महंकाली मूवीज के बैनर तले भोजपुरी फिल्मों के सुपरस्टार खेसारी लाल यादव की अनाम फ़िल्म का आज मुहूर्त कर शूटिंग शुरू कर दी गई है। इस फ़िल्म के नाम की घोषण अभी नहीं की गई है। इस फ़िल्म में खेसारी लाल के अपोजिट कन्नड़, तेलुगु और तमिल फिल्म इंडस्ट्री में अपना नाम कमाने वाली अभिनेत्री मेघा श्री भोजपुरी इंडस्ट्री में डेब्यू करने जा रही है। फिल्म की कहानी बहुत ही रोमांचक है, जिसका खुलासा अभी करना ठीक नहीं होगा, लेकिन हम इतना जरूर कह सकते हैं कि फिल्म में आपको रोमांस, एक्शन और सस्पेंस का तगड़ा डोज देखने को मिलने वाला है। फ़िल्म में आपको महेश आचार्य की कॉमेडी भी देखने को मिलने वाली है। जिनकी कॉमिक टाइमिंग इतनी अच्छी है कि दर्शक सिनेमाघरों में उन्हें बार बार देखना पसंद करते है। क्योंकि इस फिल्म के निर्देशक साउथ इंडस्ट्री के जाने माने निर्देशक शंकर हैं। आज फिल्म का मुहूर्त कर शूटिंग शुरू कर दी गई है।

फ़िल्म के निर्माता महंकाली दिवाकर ने कहा कि हमने फ़िल्म का मुहूर्त कर शूटिंग शुरू कर दी है। इस फिल्म में आपको खेसारीलाल यादव का एक अलग ही रूप देखने को मिलेगा। फिल्म की शूटिंग हम हैदराबाद की विभिन्न रमणीय लोकेशनों पर करेंगे। हमारी फ़िल्म की कहानी आम भोजपुरी फिल्मों की कहानी से भिन्न होने वाली है। फिल्म में आपको खेसारी और मेघा श्री के बीच की नोक झोक के साथ उनके बीच का रोमांस देखने को मिलेगा। हम इस फिल्म को साउथ की फिल्मों की स्टाइल में बनने वाले हैं,जिसमें दर्शकों को क्राइम,सस्पेंस,लव रोमांस का तड़का देखने को मिलेगा। फ़िल्म में हमने साउथ इंडस्ट्री की खूबसूरत अदाकारा मेघा श्री को लिया है जिन्होंने साउथ इंडस्ट्री में अपने अभिनय से सभी का दिल जीत रखा है। जल्द ही हम फ़िल्म की कहानी का भी खुलासा करेंगे।इसके अलावा हम बैक टू बैक 3 भोजपुरी फिल्मे और करेंगे।

फिल्म के लेखक/डायलाग अरविंद तिवारी, संगीत- ओम झा, कोरियोग्राफर महेश आचार्य, सत्य, कपिल, वेंकट डीप, फाइट मास्टर अंजी, कास्टिंग डायरेक्टर मिथलेश तिवारी, डीओपी ईएसएस प्रसाद, एसोसियेट बिक्षु वुल्ली, एडिटर तिरुपति रेड्डी है।

फिल्म में मुख्य भूमिका में खेसारी लाल यादव, मेघा श्री, महेश आचार्य, रक्षा गुप्ता, राजन तिवारी आदि कई कलाकार हैं।

Desi Homes – Property Expo 2021 Brings Top Indian Builders To Be Showcased In Dubai

The Exhibition  will be organized at Hotel Le Meridian, Dubai which is one of the largest Ballroom Venue. The Organizers have ensured all Covid safety Protocols for this year’s Desi Homes – Property Expo 2021′.

The 3rd Edition of Desi Homes – Property Expo 2021′, will be organized in Dubai from October 21 to 23 at Hotel Le Meridian. Touted to be one of the largest Ballroom venue in Dubai, the Expo will bring together all the top Real Estate Builders/Developers from various corners of India to Dubai. The Real Estate Builders/Developers will get a chance to exhibit their Best Constructs during the Expo, and it will help them to elevate the possibilities of their Businesses.

The Event is hosted by Synergy of Services Nitelife Pvt Ltd (SOSNitelife), in association with Theia Enterprise Pvt. Ltd and a leading National Bank in India.

The upcoming Desi Homes – Property Expo 2021′, will feature Exhibitors from various parts of India who will showcase properties that include Independent Houses, Apartments, Non-Agricultural Plots, and Farmhouses. Apart from Builders, the Expo will also have Ancillary Service providers like Modular Furniture suppliers, Security System Experts and Interior Designers.

Due to the Covid scare, this year’s Desi Homes – Property Expo will be organized by following all the safety protocols. Audiences will be allowed to attend the event in batches as per Covid Norms, and the organizers have assured that safety will be given the utmost priority during the entire event.

“As the entire world is battling the Covid Pandemic, we have made sure that the Luxurious Desi Homes – Property Expo will be carried out by following all safety protocols. The Expo gives a tremendous chance for Builders/Developers to expand their Businesses, and it also helps them to build their Brand Effectively,” Chand Seth, the Founder/Managing Director of SOS Nitelife.

“Tabish Khan, Founder/Director of Theia  said, “Amid Covid restrictions, we have made sure that the Luxury and Style of the Desi Homes – Property Expo 2021′, are not compromised. This year’s event will be special by all means, and several top Builder’s/Developers from India are expected to take part in the Expo.”

For Participation Enquires email – sales@sosnitelife.com    www.sosnitelife.com

Roshan Singh Bisht belives that lifestyle brands like IFAZONE, Amiiga, Mr Huffman will help Asort to create more digital micro entrepreneurs

  • Asort by Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt. Ltd is India’s first co-commerce company

Asort, a co-commerce company is all set to give a fillip to the growth of its micro-entrepreneurs as the world gets more interlinked. After decades of its existence and subsequent advancements, today digitalization is acting like a powerful catalyst during this ongoing pandemic with lucrative possibilities. Despite worries over economic constraints it has revolutionized the idea of entrepreneurship which has almost overpowered the conventional ideas of regular jobs. It is worth mentioning that along with their responsibilities at home, more Indian housewives are seeking possibilities to start their own business and contemplate earning sources through online platforms. Determined small scale business holders residing in tier-2 and tier-3 areas are also going one step forward and adapting to the online learning. With the core objective of empowering this entire section with diverse ideas Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt. Ltd. owned Asort Company is providing a common platform to stretch dreams and build a community of successful micro-entrepreneurs. In the time of this sheer transformation talking about this platform, around 7 Lakh units have been sold from leading lifestyle brands like IFAZONE, Amiiga, Earthyscent and more, during this pandemic and half a million partners got connected with Asort Company in the duration of last one year.

As digitalization remains a key attribute to fight back economic crisis, Asort a co-commerce company inspires women to become entrepreneur and experiment with their ideas. Also Asort Company observes the fact that zero risk entrepreneurship with no minimum liabilities is a boon for micro-entrepreneurs; hence such platforms will help them to start their business with zero to minimum inventory. Around 30 crore micro-entrepreneurs are supposed to be added to this economy in the next 5 years. Co- commerce company Asort observes the number of 6.8 cr MSME entrepreneurs but despite being such a big country with great possibilities the small medium business owners are low in percentage.

Digital A-Preneurs from Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt. Ltd. owned Asort are on the rise as the online platform users are increasing in numbers, the world surely seems to have shrunk in online presence up to some extent, and so have the key business activities. The online connectivity for growth provided by Asort is giving a global vision to the vendor partners; it is making the diverse content more Glocal which adds to the true essence of digitalization in regards to the business growth.

Asort, a co-commerce company has more than 1 lakh individuals who became community members, and sold around 7 lakh units in one year despite the ongoing pandemic. Apart from that half a million partners have been connected online/offline together in 1 year, and more than 100,000 community members have been visiting Asort.com every month.

Roshan Singh Bisht – Co-Founder of Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt. Ltd., “The focus at Asort is to build an aware, skilled, ethical and ambition focused environment where many micro-entrepreneurs are exposed to various perspectives and ideas helping them stretch their dreams and vision about their lives.” Roshan Singh Bisht further added that “Digitalization is majorly helping us in this endeavor and it keeping up with the courage our members have to grow. Considering the time when COVID appropriate behaviour is new normal, the online presence becomes must. Digitalization proves to be a catalyst for change here.”

According to Roshan Singh Bisht, “The World now concedes the uniformity digitalization provides. Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt. Ltd’s Asort in true sense is helping to empower small business units and promoting Government’s initiative of Digital Bharat.”

Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt. Ltd.’s Asort is determined to make such online platforms more accessible and easy to use to help zealous independent business owners in tier-2 and tier-3 areas to get them glocally connected. Many of our micro-entrepreneurs went to resell essential commodities instead of fashion products from brands like IFAzone and Amiiga.


This helped them continue their business despite the lockdown. Focusing on online learning became a big hit as many were under strict lockdown helping them enhance their skills. Asort is amplifying the existing opportunities adequately and ensuring inclusive growth. It highly considers the role of women in workforce to ensure inclusive economic and social growth.

Brookfield Properties creating a work destination, inspired by history and designed for the future

Tower 11 at Candor TechSpace, Sector 135, Noida product feature and a Walkthrough Video 

National, 1st July 2021: Workspaces constitute 70% of a working individual’s day and subsequently is directly related to their well-being. Therefore, we must rethink and redefine our design ideologies that shape the workspaces of tomorrow. Incorporating local architectural language into buildings has fostered a sense of belonging, enhanced comfort in the built environment and encouraged community building. As most organisations strive to create landmark architecture, this has made it essential for global institutions and organisations to contextualise the built environment as they develop campuses worldwide. For instance, the recent Taj Mahal inspired office built by Microsoft in Noida has set the precedence for this very ideology.

As most workforces now prepare themselves to return to the office, Noida’s biggest and finest workspace, Candor TechSpace Sector 135, will soon have a new addition to its expansive campus that creates a distinctive landmark. “Candor TechSpace’s Tower 11 brings workspaces that abide by international standards while celebrating, utilising and contemporising historical and architectural design knowledge. Tower 11 will create a work destination that blurs the line between a workspace and a place of wellbeing and community with enhanced productivity and creativity,” shares Alok Aggarwal, Managing Director and CEO, Brookfield Properties. The design for tower 11 draws spatial understanding and syntax from local architecture and embedded space making techniques from multiple monuments such as the India Gate and the Taj Mahal to create a contemporary and future-ready office building. The new addition will offer workspaces that revolutionise and redefine how we perceive our work environments.

Contemporising materiality that is rooted in tradition.

Image 1. The Tower 11 executive entrance façade.

An amalgamation of brass and black mirror details to exuberate regality and monumentality.

Tower 11 is an amalgamation of symbolic as well as physical derivations of regional architecture that are contemporised for functional efficiency and maximum performance. For instance, the form of the building is inspired by the volumetric characteristics of the India Gate. The two-building volumes have been articulated as two distinct elements united by a core and a striking façade in the central axis. The facade recreates a contemporary adaptation of the triumphant arch of the India Gate, that embraces with regality and through its form recreates the opulent yet welcoming aesthetic. On the one hand, detailed in dark glass panels and brass, the facade with its regal tonality recreates a sturdiness like the carved stones of India Gate as the rays of the sun reflect off it. On the other hand, the high-performance facade maximises pleasant daylight ingress with minimal heat gain and glare control to create comfortable indoor environments.

Though the tower acts as a climax to the axial Candor campus, it also marks the entry into an elegant yet opulent built environment. Inspired by the Taj Mahal’s ethos, the entrance lobby is a three-storied volume, with white marble walls that offer monumentality and grandeur to every visitor. Well-Designed and optimised, expansive floor plates with minimised space wastage create seamless, functional, and efficient spaces. The frequent use of marble to create textured walls along with recessed light fitting details make the interiors a contemporary manifestation of the Taj Mahal, while creating a clean and spotless interior finish.

The building design focuses on crafting experiences and maximum efficiency, with expansive green landscapes, a workspace that creates an experience like no other. Describing the same, architect Ricardo Bofill, Principal Chief Architect for Tower 11, shares, “Orientation through the building is always straightforward with no dark corners, no notches and no wasted corridors. The office space is well lit naturally, with great views. The ground floor is a mix of marble lobbies in elegant white shades and overlooks a black mirror reflective water feature, with a lush garden all around. This creates a freshly-ventilated interior space with a perspective towards the campus, providing a place-making experience rarely seen before in an office building.”

Building Monumentality.

Image 2. The black mirror reflective water body and Tower 11.

The black mirror water body at the heart of the campus and the very entrance of Tower 11 creates a serene and soothing campus ethos.

We wanted to imbibe the quality of placemaking that historical public buildings offer, and therefore, the campus planning draws inspiration and learning from ancient planning techniques of the iconic Taj Mahal”, shares Alok Aggarwal, Managing Director and CEO, Brookfield Properties. Amalgamating tradition with modernity, with Tower 11 as the central focus, the axial planning adds monumentality and regality. The black glass reflection water body located in the foreground surrounded by lush greens modernises the ancient planning and cooling techniques while employing placemaking tools to generate a stimulating environment. The focus on linearity in shared spaces creates a sense of cohesive continuity with segregated vehicular and pedestrian circulation to define public areas. The water body also becomes the central pause point, cushioned by the surrounding landscape, and housed within the pedestrian thoroughfare.

The campus is equipped with amenities, ranging from curated retail, fitness centres, food courts and food outlets, coffee shops, banking facilities, creche facilities, all of which are distributed within the 30,000 sq. ft. amenities block. The design focus for the public areas is not to landscape or hardscape, but people-scape to curate experiences that stimulate and excite the end-user. “Under the shadows of the frangipani trees and transported by the fragrance of tropical flowers, we are hoping to create a new place, a new destination for each end-user to write his or her own story”, shares Ricardo. The ecology focuses on pedestrian mobility, the air, and the sounds that create a built environment that can inspire the end-user and open the mind to a depth of experiences.

The campus offering   4.5 M Sf of leasable area is designed with modern sensibilities to remain committed to the health and environment of the building occupants and the communities within which it operates, generating a larger positive impact. Drawing from most historical architecture that is environment-friendly, the campus is ecologically conscious with new-age technology and historical planning techniques to create a microclimate. With distributed green landscapes, waste management systems, water management and recycling, energy efficiency, reduced use of fossil fuels, health and well-being of its occupants and more, the building has been awarded a Platinum rating by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). To ensure that the best quality environments are provided to the users, the campus also incorporates air purifiers, mainly electrostatic filters with EC fans for purified air quality, that provide ideal AQI levels to all inhabitants.

A power-packed Workspace solution

The Candor TechSpace campus offers an unparalleled connectivity advantage as it is directly connected to the metro station as well as flaunts direct access to the 12 lanes signal free expressway. Subsequently, the campus is well connected to the Noida CBD, Ghaziabad as well as East Delhi. To foster a holistic living experience, the campus is located within an integrated township with proximity to residential and social infrastructure.

Tower 11 at the Candor TechSpace, Sector 135 is a workspace solution that keeps the users and inhabitants as the highest priority through design. It is an integrated workspace destination that amalgamates innovation with historical design knowledge to create a building that is a notch above its contemporaries. “Through Tower 11, we reimagined how workspaces are conceived and can push the limits of design to achieve a better work-life balance and experience, better infrastructure, better healthcare, better sustainability initiatives, better wellbeing initiatives for our occupants and subsequently a campus beyond the workplace. We aim to create a work destination,” shares Alok Aggarwal, Managing Director and CEO, Brookfield Properties.

Image 3. Candor TechSpace, Sector 135, Noida

An integrated campus ecosystem offering commercial real estate solution that reimagines workspaces.

Candor TechSpace, Sector 135, Noida: Walk through video


Akshaya Tritiya is known to be an auspicious day that brings good luck and success. According to Hindu mythology, on this day the Treta Yuga began and the river Ganges, the most sacred river of India, descended to the earth from heaven. The word “Akshaya” means never diminishing, which means any action you do will result in a positive or constructive outcome. In simple terms any new initiative/venture started on this day will have a good future. Customs and traditions are extremely important to Indians. Many people in India believe that if they start with some activity on ‘Muhurat’ then that will fructify. There is a belief that buying gold on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya, brings prosperity to the buyer and his wealth never gets eroded. Gold is a symbol of wealth. This Year Akshaya Tritya falls on 14-May-2021 and we might witness a spurt in gold demand.

There is no perfect mathematical relationship or proven trend showing that buying Gold on Akshaya Tritiya or Diwali will result in sure-shot gains. However, if you buy at lower prices on normal days, it is most probably likely to appreciate on special occasion such as Akshaya Tritya and Diwali. Investing in gold on the day of Akshaya Tritiya may seem to be rewarding. We have seen gold prices multiplying many folds over the last decade. In the past 15 years, there have been only four occasions where gold prices were lower as compared to the previous year, on the day of Akshaya Tritiya.

Ways to Invest in Gold in India?

Well historically the most common way to invest in Gold has been to buy physical gold in the form of: Coins; Bullion and Jewellery. Apart from that, we have Sovereign Gold Bonds, Gold Mutual Funds and Gold ETFs to choose in Digital form. But during a pandemic, another method of investing in Gold that has been gaining immense popularity is in the form of Digital Gold.

What is Digital Gold?

Buying physical gold certainly has its downsides. There are issues of identifying its legitimacy and purity, then there are problems of safekeeping and storage. One more issue is that we are in the midst of a pandemic. It is not quite ideal to go out to gold dealers or jewellery stores.

Digital gold, on the other hand, can be bought online and is stored in insured vaults by the seller on behalf of the customer. It also helps us overcome all the aforementioned issues of physical gold purchases. All you require is Internet/mobile banking and you can invest in gold digitally anytime, anywhere.

How to trade in digital gold?

You can easily buy gold online from Augmont.com website or you can also download the app ‘Gold For All’ by Augmont – India’s most trusted digital gold provider. Once you’re logged in and filled in all the details, perform the following steps –

  • Enter the amount you want to spend on buying gold or you can mention the quantity of gold (in grams).
  • Choose your payment options from Netbanking, UPI, Credit/Debit Cards, Wallet to Cash payment
  • Once the payment is done the account you are using will be credited with the gold in vaults backed by IDBI Trusteeship Services and can be accessible 24/7
  • Calculating the live market price you can sell your gold whenever you want and gain profit.
  • You can also convert your digital gold into physical form and get it delivered to your doorstep without you going out.

Benefits of Investing in Digital Gold:

  • Gold can be bought or withdrawn online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
  • You can take physical delivery of the gold at your doorstep.
  • You can invest an amount as low as Re.1.
  • Digital Gold can be used as collateral for online loans.
  • Digital Gold is genuine and the purity is 24K 99.5%
  • Your purchase is stored safely and is also 100% insured.
  • You can exchange digital gold for physical jewellery or gold coins and bullion.

Disadvantages of Investing in Digital Gold:

  • Limit of Rs.2 lakhs for investment on most platforms.
  • Lack of an official government-run regulating body such as RBI or SEBI.
  • Delivery and making charges are further applied to the price of gold.
  • In some cases, companies only offer a limited storage period, after which you either have to take physical delivery or sell the gold.

Why should we go for DigitalGold?

DigiGold as you know is the new way of buying Gold, below are some reasons why you should go for DigiGold:

  • Eliminating Storage & Security Concerns: The best part about Digital Gold is that you own it and only you know it. You no longer have to worry about getting a bank locker or buying safe at home to protect your wealth.
  • Purity: Buying physical precious metals is safe but if you fear about purity then Digital Gold is here to take away all your fear and to replace that fear with Gold, how does that sound? Stop fearing and enjoy the Gold buying experience.
  • Buying/Selling as per your convenience: Time is valuable and we value it the same way you value it, thinking about this we have integrated Digital Gold because you can buy it whenever you feel like investing, if you wish to liquidate/sell you can easily do so.

Can we use DigiGold for gifting?

Absolutely! Imagine waking up to a notification saying “You have been gifted Gold”, DigiGold has made an easier option for gifting. Simply enter the details of the recipient and the amount of Gold that is to be gifted. The recipient does not already have an account then he/she will need to create an account to claim the gift.

Where can you find invoice for each order?

An invoice will be sent by SMS/Email after each transaction. It will also be available in the My Order’s section on the customer’s dashboard.


Where is the Gold stored when a customer purchases it?

The gold purchased by a customer will be stored with a reputed custodian on a consolidated basis i.e. daily purchase across all the customers. Vaults are monitored and controlled by IDBI Trusteeship Services Limited. The trustee will confirm the balances with the custodian each quarter and reconcile the amounts with customer’s balances.

Happiness Crypto Coin (HPS) To Be Launched On Different Trade Exchanges In May 2021

The new Crypto coin named Happiness (HPS) is getting registered on VinDax exchange and sooner it will be available on many other exchanges like WazirX, Binance etc.

But the big news is that Maa Tulsi Peetheshwar Sri Sri Tulsi Ji Maharaj is helping Covid patients. 51 crores of Happiness (HPS) Crypto coins will be circulated on different exchanges in May, 2021 only out of which 11 crores coins will be used to treat the needy Covid patients. This announcement has been done by founder Sri Sri Tulsi Ji Maharaj himself.

Also the buyers can book a stay in Vrindavan which is  acceptable at Sri Sri Tulsi Ji Maharaj ji’s own ashram. And it’s just 200 coins with which one can get a day’s stay at Vrindavan ashram.


It’s worth mentioning that Happiness Crypto coin is getting fame since it’s launch and many Influencers and B-Town celebs are promoting this coin. Currently it possess a very favourable market value.

Chai Sutta Bar Amidst The Pandemic Announces Launch Of Its New Outlet In Mumbai’s Kandivali Area

~This will be brands 16th physical outlet in Mumbai~

Mumbai, 3rd May, 2021: Chai Sutta Bar a chain of chai bars that serves authentic Kulhad Chai across the country today announced its launch in Kandivali, Mumbai. Mumbai the city known for its hush-hush throughout the year and 24×7 is now under a complete lockdown and the reason is no unknown mystery. Despite of the compulsive lockdown Chai Sutta Bar has emerged as one of the only food chain model which has expansions and have opened up new franchise in the City. Following the COVID-19 guidelines and limited govt. permissions the brand launched its new franchise outlet in a closed door event.

Commenting on the launch, Anubhav Dubey, Co-founder, Chai Sutta Bar said; “It gives us an immense pleasure that our brand is known and people consume our menu even in circumstances like these. We as a brand are very responsible and in times like these we know costumer preference and catering to their needs keeping in mind all hygiene measures is our top most priority. We are looking forward for a warm welcome by our consumers, once these hard times are by gone and we are confident that alike all our other outlets in the country, Kandivali Mumbai outlet will also be a hot-spot in the vicinity.”

In our country Chai is not a beverage it’s a ritual and with the idea of serving this ritual on a on a Bar Table founders Anubhav Dubey and Anand Nayak hailing from districts of Madhya Pradesh originated the idea of Chai Sutta Bar. The mix of Indian and Western culture by far has been appreciated by the consumers both in the country and across the expanded countries. The brand sells over 3, 00,000 Kulhads in a day across all there outlets.

The brand has some flagship flavours like Chocolate Chai and Adrak Chai which have a unmatched taste across brands and amongst competitors. The brand ensures to offer ‘Ek Garam Chai ki Piyali’ with some of its best siders such as Sandwiches, Fries, Burgers, Pizza’s amongst others. Chai Sutta Bar pledges to offer quality Kulhad Chai served in the rich, sound, and hygienic environment thereby delivering full customer satisfaction.

This will be brands 2nd outlet in Mumbai in 2021, the year has been very fruitful so far as the previous launch in Andheri has also received lots of appreciation and an overwhelming responses from the masses. Not only the response but the sale has also gone by notches.

 About Chai Sutta Bar India

Chai Sutta Bar: Cuddle the Kulhad!!!

Chai Sutta Bar is a fast-growing Tea café chain in India that came into existence in 2016. Chai Sutta Bar envisions of making chai more than just a go-to beverage in India. The brand hails its origin from Indore the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh. With the uniqueness and high-quality taste, the brand has expanded its portfolio and is now catering to 140+ outlets all over India in 70+ cities in the country and 3 outlets in Oman, Nepal and Dubai respectively, by serving a minimum of 3 lakh Kulhad’s a day. The vision is to make it’s an international brand that describes the goodness of Indian tradition is served on the bar table by providing high-quality hygienic beverages in Kulhad at affordable prices.

The brand is owned by the duo of Anubhav- Anand who are young entrepreneurs and have made it big with their sheer dedication and passion towards serving a Wishful cup of Chai.

Worldwide Records – Celebrating 20 Years With 20 Million Subscribers

वर्ल्डवाइड रिकार्ड्स के 20 वर्षों के जश्न के साथ 20 मिलियन सब्स्क्राइबर हुए पूरे

म्यूजिक कंपनी वर्ल्डवाइड रिकार्ड्स ने इंडस्ट्री में अपने 20 साल पूरे कर लिए हैं। वर्ल्डवाइड रिकार्ड्स की 2001 में स्थापित हुई थी। और वर्ल्डवाइड रिकार्ड्स भोजपुरी की शुरुआत 2016 में हुई थी।

उस समय किसी ने भी ये नहीं सोचा होगा कि ये कंपनी म्यूजिक इंडस्ट्री में इतना धमाल मचाएंगी। और इंडस्ट्री में 20 वर्षों का लंबा सफर तय कर लेगी, लेकिन कंपनी ने ऐसा करके दिखा दिया। इसके साथ ही कंपनी ने इस साल एक और रिकार्ड अपने कर लिया है। जी हां 23 अप्रैल को कंपनी के भोजपुरी यूट्यूब चैनल ने 20 मिलियन यानी कि 2 करोड़ सब्स्क्राइबर का आंकड़ा पार कर लिया है।

जिसको लेकर कंपनी से जुड़ा हर कोई काफी ख़ुशी महसूस कर रहा है, साथ ही सभी सब्सक्राइबर में ख़ुशी की लहर दौड़ पड़ी है। भोजपुरी जगत के लिए ख़ुशी की बात है। क्योंकि अब तक यूट्यूब पर किसी भी भोजपुरी चैनल के इतने सब्स्क्राइबर नहीं है।

इस नई उपलब्धि पर वर्ल्डवाइड रिकॉर्ड्स भोजपुरी म्यूजिक कंपनी के ओनर रत्नाकर कुमार को चारों ओर से बधाईयां व शुभकामनाएं मिल रही हैं। और वर्ल्डवाइड रिकार्ड्स के ओनर रत्नाकर कुमार भी कंपनी की इस उपलब्धि से काफी खुश नजर आ रहे हैं। और उन्होंने अपने सभी चाहने वालों, श्रोताओं और कंपनी स्टॉफ का तहेदिल से धन्यवाद दिया है। आगे रत्नाकर कुमार ने कहा कि कंपनी अपने दशकों के इस प्यार की आभारी है। क्योंकि ये दर्शकों का प्यार ही है जो कंपनी इस ऊंचाई तक पहुंच पाई है।

आगे भी कंपनी के द्वारा अपने दर्शकों के लिए एक से बढ़कर एक फिल्में व म्यूजिक एल्बम लाती रहेगी। भोजपुरी इंडस्ट्री के सभी दिग्गज कलाकारों और सिंगरों ने कंपनी को बधाई भेजी है।

Maulik Prajapati Owner Of Port Royal Biz Pvt Ltd Is A Successful Businessmen From Gujarat

Port Royal Biz Pvt Ltd. with brand name Qua9 is a packadge drinking water with added minerals has now become household brand name in Gujarat as Qua9. Now expanded to other states like RAJSTHAN,  MP, Maharashtra.

Maulik Prajapati From  Gujarat Owner Of Port Royal Biz Pvt Ltd Is A Successful Businessmen is young hard working smiling and mature  personality. After completing his studies from schooling at  Ahmedabad . Maulik Prajapati took basic business training by working in cities of popular states like RAJSTHAN,  MP,  Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Being business minded from childhood and after learning ups and downs of business he ventured into his own business and made got the recognition for himself and his company Port Royal Biz Pvt Ltd.

manufacturers & suppliers with Importers and Exporters of many varieties of Foods and Beverages.

It is very rare that in short span of time a person learns business techniques and amplifies in his own business and gets a huge recognition in business and his products.

Well soft spoken,  well travelled  and smiling personality Maulik Prajapati’s moto of life is to work for the country and its people and help everyone as much as possible, even his staff has high regards for their boss.


Maulik Prajapati of Port Royal Biz Pvt Ltd. has many more novel ideas and new products to be launched shortly which were delayed due to worldwide Panademic.

Follow him On Social Media



SITI NETWORKS LTD Launches SITI PlayTop Android TV Set Top Box & iOS-Android Apps

सिटी नेटवर्क लिमिटेड ने बाजार में सिटी प्लेटॉप एनरॉयड टीवी सेट टॉप बॉक्स और आइओएस / एनरॉयड ऐप्स किया लॉन्च
सिटी नेटवर्क्स लिमिटेड के नेक्स्ट-जेनरेशन सेट टॉप बॉक्स में के साथ सुपीरियर एंटरटेनमेंट एक्सपीरियंस से जुड़ी कई नये फीचर्स मौजूद
19 मार्च 2021, कोलकाता: सिटी प्लेटॉप मैजिक, एनरॉयड टीवी सर्टिफाइड 4के एचडीआर सेट-टॉप बॉक्स, ग्राहकों के किसी भी तरह के टीवी को स्मार्ट बना सकता है, जिससे वे अपने मौजूदा टीवी पर सिंगल रिमोट का उपयोग करके अपने सिटी डिजिटल केबल टीवी के साथ-साथ सभी एनरॉयड टीवी की सुविधाओं का उपयोग कर सकेंगे। ग्राहक अपनी पसंद के ऐप और गेम को डाउनलोड करने के लिए गुगल के एंड्रॉइड टीवी प्ले स्टोर तक पहुंच सकेंगे।
इसका स्मार्ट रिमोट से सिटी प्लेटॉप मैजिक एसटीबी और ग्राहक के टीवी दोनों को नियंत्रित करने में सक्षम होगा, गुगल के सहायक बिल्ट-इन के साथ इसका ध्वनि भी काफी उन्नत क्वालिटी का है । इसके रिमोट पर मौजूद माइक्रोफ़ोन को कुछ सेकेंड तक दबाएं रखें और पूछें कि आप क्या देखना चाहते हैं। क्रोमकास्ट बिल्ट-इन सुविधा मौजूद होने के कारण ग्राहक सिटी प्लेटॉप मैजिक एसटीबी का उपयोग करके अपने टीवी स्क्रीन को अपने मोबाइल फोन / टैबलेट से भी संचालित कर पाएंगे। एसटीबी ग्राहकों को अपने प्रियजनों के साथ गुगल डुओ-आधारित वीडियो कॉलिंग की अनुमति देकर उन्हें अपने टीवी के उपयोग से इसे सुविधाजनक बना देगा। यह अगली पीढ़ी का एंड्रॉइड टीवी सेट-टॉप बॉक्स है, जिसे सिटी नेटवर्क द्वारा लॉन्च किया गया है। यह गुगल होम के साथ भी काम करेगा और होम ऑटोमेशन फीचर को डेवलप करेगा।
सिटी प्लेटॉप मैजिक एसटीबी ग्राहकों को सिर्फ एक पेन ड्राइव का उपयोग करके रैखिक टीवी रिकॉर्ड करने में सक्षम करेगा। एसटीवी भी अमेज़न प्राइम वीडियो के साथ प्री-लोडेड आता है। अमेज़ॅन प्राइम नवीनतम और अनन्य फिल्मों की असीमित स्ट्रीमिंग, टीवी शो, स्टैंड-अप कॉमेडी, अमेज़ॅन ओरिजिनल, और बहुत कुछ प्रदान करता है। ग्राहक एक जगह पर क्या देखना पसंद करते हैं, यह उन्हें आसानी से मिल जाता है। सिटी प्लेटॉप मैजिक एसटीबी की अनूठी विशेषताओं में से एक यह है कि यह किसी भी आइएसपी या यहां तक कि एक मोबाइल हॉटस्पॉट के साथ भी आसानी से काम कर सकता है। ग्राहकों को बस यह सुनिश्चित करना होगा कि उनका मोबाइल कनेक्शन 4जी हो, जिसके बाद वे अपने पसंदीदा ओटीटी शो को आसानी से देख सकेंगे और टीवी स्क्रीन पर गेम भी खेल सकेंगे।
सिटी प्लेटॉप मैजिक एसटीबी नागरा कार्डलेस सुरक्षा प्रदान करता है। सिटी प्लेटॉप मैजिक एसटीबी को रियलटेक के सबसे उन्नत उच्च-प्रदर्शन क्षमता वाले चिप पर बनाया गया है, जो इसे बेहतर मनोरंजन का अनुभव के लिए सबसे उपयुक्त बनाता है।
सिटी प्लेटॉप मैजिक सेट-टॉप बॉक्स के अलावा सिटी नेटवर्क लिमिटेड की तरफ से सिटी प्लेटॉप मैजिक मोबाइल ऐप का भी लॉन्च किया गया। यह ऐप आईओएस और एंड्रॉइड दोनों प्लेटफॉर्म पर उपलब्ध है। जो ग्राहकों की मुट्ठी में कई ओटीटी ऐप जैसे हंगामा प्ले, शेमारू मी और अडा टाइम्स के लिए एकमात्र सदस्यता प्राप्त करवाता है। यह ऐप ग्राहकों को अपने पसंदीदा मनोरंजन और चयनित लाइव चैनलों को तुरंत उनके सामने ला देगा, भले ही वे अपने टीवी के सामने न हों। केबल टीवी की तरह ही इस ऐप की सुविधा प्राप्त करने के लिए कंपनी के ऑनलाइन वेबसाइट या फिर अपने मौजूदा स्थानीय केबल ऑपरेटरों के माध्यम से इसके लिए रिचार्ज किया जा सकेगा।
इंडियन केबल नेट कंपनी लिमिटेड (आइसीएनसीएल) के निदेशक और सिटी नेटवर्क्स लिमिटेड की तरफ से श्री सुरेश सेठिया ने कहा, हम ग्राहकों के लिए सिटी प्लेटॉप मैजिक सेट टॉप बॉक्स और एप्स लाकर खुश हैं। सिटी प्लेटॉप मैजिक एसटीबी के लॉन्च के साथ, ग्राहकों को अब स्मार्ट टीवी खरीदने की आवश्यकता नहीं है। सिटी प्लेटॉप मैजिक एसटीबी को कनेक्ट करने से ग्राहकों को सभी एनरॉयड को प्राप्त करने में मदद मिलेगी। इसमें वॉयस रिमोट, गूगल असिस्टेंट, गूगल होम और यहां तक कि अपने प्रियजनों को सीधे उनके रहने वाले कमरे से गुगल डूओ के माध्यम से जुड़े रहने की भी इसमें सुविधाएं मिलेगी।
सिटी प्लेटॉप मैजिक ऐप ग्राहकों के लिए टेलीविज़न चैनलों के अलावा कई ओटीटी ऐप के लिए एकल सदस्यता को स्वीकृति प्रदान करता है। सिटी प्लेटॉप मैजिक एसटीबी का उपयोग करके ग्राहक अपने स्थानीय केबल ऑपरेटरों के माध्यम से या ऐप के जरिये ऑनलाइन या रिचार्ज कर सकेंगे।
सिटी प्लेटॉप मैजिक एंड्रॉइड सेट-टॉप बॉक्स और आइओएस/ एनरॉयड ऐप्स लॉन्च करते समय सिटी नेटवर्क्स लिमिटेड के सीईओ, श्री अनिल मल्होत्रा ने उल्लेख किया: सिटी प्लेटॉप मैजिक एनरॉयड टीवी सेट-टॉप बॉक्स और हमारे आइओएस / एनरॉयड ऐप्स हमारे ग्राहकों की अगली पीढ़ी का बेहतर तरीके से मनोरंजन कर उनकी इच्छापूर्ति कर सकेंगे। सिटी प्लेटॉप मैजिक एसटीबी और एप्स के एक साथ लॉन्च करने के लिए हमारी तकनीकी टीम, अवसंरचना और नियुक्तिकर्ताओं को बधाई देना चाहता हूं।
हम अपने ग्राहकों के लिए अपने नेक्स्ट जेनरेशन सिटी प्लेटॉप मैजिक एंड्रॉइड टीवी सेट टॉप बॉक्स और आइओएस/ एनरॉयड ऐप्स के लाने को लेकर काफी उत्साहित हैं। सिटी नवीनतम तकनीक के साथ अपने ग्राहकों को खुश व उनकी इच्छा को संतुष्ट करने में सबसे आगे रहा है। सिटी प्लेटॉप का लॉन्च एक और कदम है, हम अपने ग्राहकों के लिए सुपीरियर एंटरटेनमेंट एक्सपीरियंस लाने के में प्रतिबद्धता हैं। यह बॉक्स सिटी एचडी डिजिटल केबल टेलीविज़न के अल्टीमेट व्यू और डीवीआर सुविधा के साथ लाते हुए किसी भी टीवी को स्मार्ट बना देगा।

सिटी प्लेटॉप मैजिक सेट-टॉप बॉक्स, सिटी नेटवर्क लिमिटेड के लिए कई चरणों में उपलब्ध होगा। भारत के पूर्वी राज्यों में तत्काल लॉन्च के साथ, जो एक सुपीरियर एंटरटेनमेंट एक्सपीरियंस में अपग्रेड करना चाहते हैं। सिटी प्लेटॉप मैजिक ऐप भारत भर में मोबाइल और टैबलेट फोन के लिए ऐप्पल ऐप स्टोर और एंड्रॉइड प्ले स्टोर पर उपलब्ध है। ऐप में लॉगिन करने के लिए, सिटी ग्राहकों को ओटीपी के माध्यम से अपने सिटी वर्चुअल कार्ड नंबर और मोबाइल नंबर को एक साथ रखना होगा।

Big Deal In Gold – A good delivery standard signifies a greater organised trade in the yellow metal

Despite being one of the largest consumers and importers of gold, India does not exert any significant impact in the discovery of gold prices and depends on the international markets for the benchmark price, which is based on London prices. By promoting and adopting Indian Good Delivery Standards (IGDS) as defined by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Indian gold markets will become more organised.

Let discuss how IGDS is beneficial to various entities:

1) Government and country

The development of a good delivery standard for any location or country means that there is greater organised trade, formalisation, and recognition that the refiners in the country can produce world-class bullion bars which is acceptable to the larger business community operating in the bullion & jewellery segment. This will go a long way in making Indian Good Delivery (IGD) standard synonymous with good quality and remove the quality discrepancies across various markets in India and bring it in line with the single standard as defined by BIS.

2) Banks

Close to 90 per cent of this gold demand is met through imports, adding to the country’s current account deficit. Of the total gold imports, close to 40 per cent are dore by refiners while the rest is finished gold imported by banks. But, following the dramatic fall in imports of bullion and dore bar (a semi-pure alloy), gold refiners are meeting the current physical demand by recycling jewellery scrap. If the GMS is incentivised for banks by allowing them to open gold metal accounts for customers, that can go a long way in helping use old gold from domestic holdings to meet the country’s requirement of new gold. This can happen if banks are permitted to buy ‘Indian good delivery’ bullion from BIS licensed gold refiners instead of buying from refineries abroad

3) Exchanges

In its endeavour to widen and deepen the Indian capital markets, support the Prime Minister’s vision of “Make in India” and “Atmanirbhar Bharat” of a self-reliant nation and commitment of the Government notified standards, BSE and NSE adopted India good delivery standard BIS IS 17278: 2019 on its commodity platform for gold and silver deliveries from September 2020. Gold bars produced by Indian gold refiners are now accepted for delivery on the NSE and BSE for futures. Even Gold ETFs listed at NSE and BSE will start accepting the deliveries from Indian refiners eventually. Once the international bullion exchange in Gift City starts, hopefully, IGD bars will get delivered as well, which will increase liquidity.

4) Gold Refiners

Under the GMS, Assaying & Hallmarking (A&H) Centers recognised by BIS have been qualified to act as Collection and Purity Testing Centres (CPTC). The gold collected by CPTCs is to be refined by refineries licensed by BIS. And as we know, India does not have ground mines of gold but huge household reserves which can be tapped because Indian gold refiners will now invest more in becoming CPTC as their gold is more accepted

5) Retail customer

Gold lying in customers’ bank lockers or households does not earn them anything. When they store gold in a bank locker, it costs bank locker charges to keep it safe. The Gold Monetisation Scheme (GMS) will help them earn interest on their gold deposits, which will add to their savings. The success of IGD will lead to the success of the GMS and will help retail customers earn an income on their holdings.

Thus IGDS is beneficial a) to government as it will bring imports down and eventual reduction of pressure from CAD and forex reserves, b) to banks, as they would be able to buy BIS licensed gold from local refiners, c) to exchanges as they accept delivery of gold bars produced by Indian refiners and d) to Indian refiners, as they refining volumes would rise. In short, the whole cycle gets completed. Hence, the biggest beneficiary will be the end consumer and is a big deal for everyone.

—-Writer is Ketan Kothari, Director of Augmont.

Courtesy – Outlook Money

Tanatan – Kitchen & Bar Grand Unveiling In Lucknow an elevated, dining experience of Ramee Group of Hotels

Post the stupendous success of Tanatan Restaurant (Kitchen & Bar) in Mumbai (Juhu, Shivaji Park), Dubai/ Bahrain, Udaipur and Kolhapur,  Lucknow unveiled  an elevated and fun dining experience with the launch of TANATAN)
Ramee Group of Hotels Pvt. Ltd. Is an International hospitality brand with 48 owned Hotels & Resorts and further expanding Hotels/ Resorts / Clubs, Restro-Bars across India & Middle East and now Globally.
Address-  Ramee Group of Hotels Ltd, Durga Bhawan, 94, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Opp Raj Bhawan, Lucknow- 226001
Launch saw the presence of- Mr.Rajit V Shetty (MD- Ramee Grp), Mr. Sanjay Prasad , Ms.  Aradhana & Mr. Pradeep Shukla, Ms. Zohra Chaterjee, Mr.  Mahesh Kumar Gupta, Mr.Bhuvnesh Kumar, Mr.Vikram Chaudhary, Ms.Bulbul Godiyal,  Mr.V K Shrivastava & Ms.Rashmi Shrivastava, Mr.Shabahat Hussain , Mr.Amit Alva, Asif Merchant, Mr. Nischith Shetty, Advocate Chandraprakash Pandey (Legal advisor of Ramee), Mr. Arshad Siddique, Mr.Insram Ali Khan, Mr.Vijay Yadav and many more
Nihit Srivastava, CEO Ramee Group (India) says “We are overwhelmed with the response of Tanatan Juhu, Tanatan Dubai ,Tanatan Kholapur Tanatan Shivaji Park.& Tanatan Udaipur . After being to different city , Lucknow being my hometown I personally wanted and wished to present Lucknow with the best food concept which I curated 4 years back in Mumbai, which is why we decided to launch another outlet. ‘Tanatan Kitchen & Bar’ promises to treat every patron like Royalty. Our vision is to continue to take every guest through an extraordinarily memorable affair & to continually innovate & evolve to set exceedingly remarkable benchmarks for ourselves & the F&B industry”
Amit Pal, Bussiness  Partner at Tanatan says “We have received an outstanding response for Tanatan Juhu, Tanatan Dubai, Tanatan Kholapur Tanatan Shivaji Park, Tanatan Udaipur which prompted us to launch another outlet in Lucknow.  We look forward to taking all of you through this awesome food and fun adventure.”
Sunaeyaa & Shweta of “S&S Table” who are the food consultants say, “Along with a progressive take on Indian Cuisine,  cross cuisine cooking techniques have been adapted to bring out the best. The menu conceptualised is a good mix of traditional and contemporary,  keeping core flavours and authentic nuances intact. At Tanatan Lucknow, we have spent a lot of time researching & unearthing classical, unrevealed age old recipes to re-create an invigorating avant-garde menu for our patrons.”
The rawness & refinement defining the luxurious imperial Indian Awadhi decor & interiors coupled with micro detailing add to the ultimate experience at , “Tanatan Lucknow” blossomed in heart of City Hazratganj opposite Governor House  ..Copper-craft interiors make comprehensive use of design innovation combined with the principles of flawless service circulation, state-of-the-art technology, strategic location placement and detailed planning.
An awe-inspiring aristocratic Awadhi regal welcome by the staff of “Tanatan Kitchen & Bar, Lucknow” wearing Indi-Western sartorial style Jodhpuris adds to the welcome experience for guests on their advent to the royal kitchen & bar.
Kick start your meal with a ‘Naram Garam’ Crispy Jheenga Curry leaf Broth or a Kaffir Lime Roasted Tomato Rasam..
For the people with ‘Choti  Bhook’, there is Majlisi Kebab, Galawat Kebab, Raunake Seekh,  Bhuna Chaap, Mutton Pepper Fry, Quinoa Seekh Kebab, Sarson Broccoli, Kumbh Ke Galawat, Palak Dahi Ke Seekh, Mewa Aur Maawe Ke Seekh and lots more
‘Chef Ki Marzi’ offers pre plated delicious combos like Nukkad ‘e’ Lucknow, Gosht Ka Khichda, Tanatan Dum Biryani, Butter Chicken With Dal Bukhara & Lacchha Paratha, Sunny Side Up Appam With Chicken Sukha, Curryleaf Pomfret, Asli Pindi Chole With Stuffed Kulcha, Neer Dosa With Mushroom Green Peas Gassi, Sub Potli Biryani..And the list goes on…
For The Fish Lovers  ‘Tanatan Coastal Street’ is a delight with Tandoori Pomfret, Aamchi Tanatan Prawns, Peeli Mirch Ki Salmon and a ‘sea’ of more such items.

The Cocktails & Mocktails beautifully compliment the food and the ambiance with concoctions like Sharaabi Kava, Cocktail Tanatan, Paan Ki Shaan, Anar Ka Pyaar, Tarbooz Without Booze, Jaljeera Mojito…so drink on
“Tanatan – Kitchen & Bar, Lucknow” aims to give a delightful and fun dining experience to its guests so hop on and enjoy the ride.

Mohit Garg Young Talented Digital Marketing Expert From Arun Digital Promotion Company

Arun Digital PR company is providing Jobs (Mohit Garg is one of them ) opportunities to many youths.

It’s immense pleasure to share with you that Arun Digital PR company is providing job to many youths, via Digital world.  This company is providing platform to youths to explore their potential one such example is Mohit Garg.

He is a student still studing in TDC and he is earning online along with his studies now his is earning sufficient to meet his family needs. Mohit did digital marketing courses from Arun Digital promotion company and earned his position As Marketing Head.


He Has given many novel  ideas to customers to get promotions in Social Media and to boost their sales, which have won clients hearts and reputation of Arun Digital Promotion Company.

Roxy Studio’s Website Launch Concluded Many Film Personalities Reached

रॉक्सी स्टूडियो का वेबसाइट लांच संपन्न पहुंचे कई फिल्मी हस्तियां

पिछले दिनों मायानगरी मुंबई में रॉक्सी स्टूडियो का वेबसाइट लांच हुआ जिसमें बॉलीवुड के कई फिल्मी हस्तियां शरीक हुए l

स्टूडियो का वेबसाइट लांच बॉलीवुड फिल्म निर्देशक पृथ्वीराज ओबरॉय , गुजराती फिल्म के प्रसिद्ध निर्देशक जैकी पटेल, फिल्म निर्माता मनोज कालिया, रॉक्सी स्टूडियो की ब्रांड एंबेसडर शर्मिष्ठा विश्वास, रॉक्सी स्टूडियो ग्रुप ऑफ कंपनी के सी.एम.डी कुशल चक्रवर्ती ने संयुक्त रूप से किया l

रॉक्सी स्टूडियो की ब्रांड एंबेसडर शर्मिष्ठा विश्वास ने मीडिया को संबोधित करते हुए बताया कि भारत में पहली बार किसी फोटोग्राफी स्टूडियो में ईएमआई पर पोर्टफोलियो की सुविधा हमने करवाया है साथ ही हम लोग संघर्षशील कलाकारों को हर संभव मदद भी करते हैं ताकि वो अपना मुकाम जल्द से जल्द बना सकें l


कंपनी के सी.एम.डी कुशल चक्रवर्ती ने बताया कि हमलोग पोर्टफोलियो के साथ साथ डांस क्लासेस, पोस्ट शूट,क्रोमा शूट भी करते हैं l फिल्मकारों और कोरोना काल को ध्यान में रखते हुए हमने बहुत ही न्यूनतम फीस रखा है,उन्होंने बताया कि रॉक्सी स्टूडियो पहले से ही बंगाल और कोलकाता का प्रसिद्ध स्टूडियो रहा है और हमने अनगिनत कलाकारों के राह को आसान भी किया है ।

साथ ही कंपनी के सीएमडी कुशल चक्रवर्ती ने वहां आए सभी मेहमानों का दिल से धन्यवाद व्यक्त किया साथ ही फिल्मकारों को एक बार रॉक्सी स्टूडियो को सेवा देने की अपील भी की ।