Suresh Bhanushali creating a revolution: Photofit Music Company

Photofit is no less than a revolution, a mission, a vision to illuminate the ones that are silhouetted by the glam and the allure of this sparkly industry. But the man behind this company and this thought knew that when you want to extract genuine gold you need to mine right to the bottom. And then give them time and opportunity to shape them and make them achieve their finest form.

Photo Music Company strives each day to create an ecosystem that is discrimination free that provides equal opportunity to all form of talents. A platform open to all come showcase your talent collaborate and create magic within closed doors and we’ll help you to get it out in the open. Mr. Suresh Bhanushali the man behind this magnanimous creation himself says “While we were planning to make this enterprise we wanted to completely omit the discrimination. Fair or dark, Upper class or lower class, Rich or poor, insider or an outsider all you need is talent and we ourselves will provide you everything else that you need to succeed.”

The company has already stepped into this enormous ocean of the music industry and has already delivered content that is gold standard. Jatt Yamla, Yamraj, Hum Haar Nahi Maante, Jaan Leja Baaki Hai, Balam, Teri Patli Kamar etc. the list of excellence goes on and on. The two other most important people Mr. Rajiv John Sauson and Mr. Amit k. Shiva who are the foundation layers of this company are determined to give out supreme content in the most benevolent way and carve their path to success. In this pulchritudinous and meaningful journey of creating this ecosystem these are the foundation steps.  

The team doesn’t fear any obstacle and has eyes fixated to the sky because that’s the only possible limit.

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