Beyond Music presents Rapper M Code’s Mumbai Meri Jaan to be a contemporary ode on City Mumbai

Beyond Music is known to give a platform to budding artists and helps them boost their creative creation. The much reputed production house this time has a Hip Hop treat for the audience. Written and performed by Rapper M Code, who’s also featured in the song – Mumbai Meri Jaan highlights the hustle full of life of a Mumbaikar.

The song is catchy and M Code makes it relatable to every viewer who has lived in Mumbai. The lyrics is drafted with finesse and the Hip Hop to it induces an impassioned beat.

M Code says, “Rapping has always been my hobby. Living in Mumbai and seeing the hustle and bustle of the city I always wanted to rap something on it. I wanted to hit the right chord for every viewer as the love for this city is innumerable for all. We have tried to include all aspects as much as we could. And hoping that the audience appreciates this work of ours. I heartily thank Beyond Music for giving me this opportunity.”

Beyond Music presents Mumbai Meri Jaan is written as well as sung by M Code. Directed by Ankit Uday Basrur, mixed and mastered by Sahir Nawab and Director of Photography were Hemant Chauhan, Athul Leonardo Nandhu and Pawan Barigala.

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